I am very interested in exploring how the schoolgrounds are being used to develop the various skills and content that are included in a literacy curriculum. Too often we concentrate outdoor learning activities in math and science, and miss great opportunities to develop literacy skills outdoors.

    Do you have a favorite literacy-related outdoor learning activity?

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Hello Herb

I would agree - any curriculum area works well outside. In Scotland we audited our curriculum to see where teaching outside would really matter and there were some great possibilities. http://www.educationscotland.gov.uk/learningandteaching/approaches/...

Although I've done all sorts of literacy based activities outside and example of some of these can be seen on my website http://creativestarlearning.co.uk/c/literacy-outdoors/ I still really enjoy teaching poetry outside and using the outdoors to introduce the concepts of metaphors and similes. 

Hi Juliet--

   Thanks so much for your response! The information that you provided was exactly what I was looking for-- specific examples of literacy activities in the outdoors, as well as great ideas for enhancing the schoolyard for outdoor literacy experiences.  Thanks so very much for replying!

Thanks alao for sharing your website. I have a website that is much less comprehensive than yours, but you be interested in seeing some of the activities and thoughts about outdoor learning that are posted there:


One of the activities I've used outside involves non-fiction reading and writing that may also be creative. We learn about plants that are native and plants that have been introduced. We also may learn how to identify plants or Native American plant uses. Students can research a plant and explore plant guides. We then head outside to inventory the plants on campus.

It's OK if we don't know many of the plants on campus (they are mostly exotics). We create our own plant guide books and students can write creatively about a plant. Students can pretend they are explorers and have just discovered the plant. They describe it, write all sorts of details and even create a story for how the plant has arrived or traditionally been used.

Insects, animals, birds, water movement and other nature inspired topics would also work well here. 


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