Folks really need to check out Dr. Mike Cohen's Project NatureConnect, at

I am participating in the program to get training to do ecotherapy, which I hope to interject into the environmental education I do.  I've always known being in nature makes me feel better, but I first started seeing the healing effects when I gave a presentation on wildlife to a group of physically & mentally disabled young adults.  Their responses made quite an impression on me.  Dr. Cohen shows how we connect to 53 different natural webstring attractions.  The research is very interesting.

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There's a new updated website for academic information, with a page to a list of key links at the old site. is a treasure trove but it is also an old site with little navigation, out of date pages, etc. The new site is more user-friendly and includes a list of link to key pages on which said treasure may be found:

The sensory restoration work is one of the aspects of this method that I love, too. I have personally grown and evolved a great deal through my own practice of the reconnection activities. It's phenomenal.


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