Today I went geocaching with a group of my co-workers and had a blast. It's super simple, and the one we did was geared for any kids over the age of 7.  

Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS enabled devises.  Ours was part of NWF’s Ranger Rick’s Geocache Trails  program, but there's a bunch of caches available! You can download a free geocaching app and learn more here:

Have you done any geocaching? What would make this activity easier/more enticing for families to participate in?

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Hi Dani,

We did some fun geocaching last week around the Volcanic lakes and craters near our home in Victoria, Australia. 

My kids are just 3 and almost 5 and they loved it! They've been telling EVERYONE about it.

I set it up and then they followed the arrow until they found it. We loaned a little unit from the visitor centre.

The one we did didn't really look as fun as the Ranger Rick one you pictured here, I think fun pictures make it look enticing for kids and families (ours was on a pretty boring, lots of text page). I'm off to make the suggestion to them to jazz it up a bit. 

Nash even found 2 that were not even part of the one we were doing, his eagle eyes spotted one in the middle of bush not far off the track and the other up in a tree. It's amazing what kids notice when their curiosity and sense of adventure is peaked.  

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas, we had fun and we'll be doing more as the kids get older.



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