Hey there Natural Families and Family Nature Club Leaders!

Wanted to be sure you are aware that May 17th is "Kids to Parks Day" sponsored by the National Park Trust.

Be sure to pledge to participate on Kids to Parks Day on May 17th and be entered to win their KTPD14 GRAND prize!

Each Sunday a new weekly contest opens featuring a cool prize from one of their loyal sponsors so be sure to check it out today!

Here's the link for more details: kidstoparks.org

Have fun and let us know here what YOU are pledging to do! Inspire others!

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Our family nature club has partnered with a local park advocacy group to put together an event for this. We are sponsoring a bike ride, walk and nature scavenger hunt!

We've got something similar called Play Outside Day here in Australia this Sunday 4th May! We can't wait!

I've organised a community showing of Kenny Ballentine's wonderful film Nature Kids and then we are going for a fun picnic and play in the new natural play space.

One small step here in our community, but I'm hoping to inspire some interest in starting a family nature club in our area.

We're organizing a camping trip for all of the families of our son's 4th grade class in Phoenix, AZ and I just pledged to participate at kidstoparks.org.  Now I'll share with others and see what great ideas we can add to our plan.  Thank you all for sharing too!


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