Byron Glacier Trail

The Byron Glacier Trail is the perfect hike for a toddler! Just shy of a mile out, it is a flat well kept trail that is most definitely jogging stroller friendly and probably could easily accommodate a regular stroller, though it is not paved. Tucked back in the valley that houses Portage Glacier and the tunnel to Whittier, it is always hit or miss as to what the weather will be like. Last year when we attempted it looked like the sun might have broke out any time on the highway, but back in the valley the winds were gusting and the rain pouring. This year we were given a gift with this phenomenally glorious sunny day! The toddlers did a lot of the hiking on their own two feet. The parent talk was of wild berries and where to pick them. Many in the group had done a recon mission to see what state the blueberries are in right now. My Little Bear and I picked a bunch of raspberries by the house.

The creek fed directly from the glacier on this hot (for Alaska) day, was too much for my little water baby. He stripped down and splashed around in the freezing water. Many played on the glacier itself. Two mamas showed their support for International Breastfeeding Week by nursing their boys on the glacier. Then we had a lovely picnic and let the kids play.

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