The Johdpur Experiment

With all the record amount of snowfall we've had this winter, it is hard to tell if some of the less traveled and ungroomed trails will be packed down enough for easy travel with little ones. Today's trek was an experiment of sorts. We took off from the Johdpur Street entrance to Kincaid Park and took the multiuse, mostly single track trails that looped around the sand dune and the motorcross park. Some trails were more worn then others. With a chariot and a B.O.B. carrying little ones in our group it was a little bit of a work out and a tight squeeze. There were a few obstacles in the way like a big embankment of snow between two trails. What seemed like an hurdle to us parents... was an opportunity to our toddlers who saw it as a challenge to climb over and over again, fueled by the bonus of sliding down again. Yes that is my daredevil son going down head first.

At one location we were blasted by coastal wind and a mystical view of mountains emerging from a frosty fog, basked in sunlight. Some ravens were enjoying the drafts of wind and flew by to do a few tricks just for us. One was carrying food in its talons and right when it got in front of us, threw the morsel up and caught it in its mouth.

Depending on the kids' present moods and desires some turned back early and let their little ones crawl or wander around for some self directed exploration. When we arrived back at the parking lot the kiddos congregated to play as the parents chatted. One thoughtful mama brought a thermos of steaming hot, tasty tea to share with the group.

One of the many things that I love about this group, is the parents are always flexible. We can travel at different speeds, yet all usually gather at some point to talk and play. We don't have a rigid plan, just a goal to get outside, enjoy the fresh air, nature and one another. Between the hike and the hanging out after we spent a good hour and a half outside in this winter wonderland we live in.

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These pictures are amazing to see.  It was 89* here in TX yesterday - needless to say I didn't even know a jog stroller could do that.  I think the kids in my FNC would love to see these pictures of other kids getting outside in such a different climate as the one we live in.  Thanks for sharing!


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