I am sitting at my desk gathering my thoughts about what I most want to share as a panelist on Connecting San Diego's Kids to Nearby Nature for San Diego Natural History Museum’s Sustainable Planet: Children and Nature lecture series tomorrow. There are so many compelling reasons to get kids out in their neighborhoods and my hope is that this is dawning on the masses and there is a dramatic cultural shift in this direction taking place right now, like it feels there is.
Anyway, why I am adding this today is to share what motivated me to start Encinitas Explorers, (a Nearby Nature Community Network that is a subgroup of Family Adventures in Nature). I want children to grow up developing a sense of place as they have fun playing and exploring the wonders of nature. I want them to foster intimate relationships with nearby nature to a depth that when they think of where they are from and where they belong, they inherently consider the natural spaces and community of living things outside the doors of their houses as part of them, their lives, their home. What motivated you?

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Great discussion, Yasmin! I'm so glad you started it, and I'll be eager to see what others contribute. Be sure to keep us posted on Encinitas Explorers, too!
The Texas Nature Challenge http://naturechallenge.tamu.edu/ motivated me to start Best Southwest Family Nature Club. Since we are a very outdoor family and I want my kids to have an appreciation for God's creatures and creations. I also wanted to have my kids & I socialize with other like minded family.
Thanks Yasmin. I love this insightful reasoning. I would have to say that almost the same thing motivated me, although I couldn't have put it so eloquently. Also, the fact that I was born and raised as a child where I live now again - and I never (or don't remember) visiting many of the natural places that make my region unique. Sinkholes, springs, caverns, and sandy creeks are all a part of this region and I don't want my kids to miss out on that sense of place and their ties to its geology. Does that make sense?

Great job. You guys are doing amazing things out there in San Diego.


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