Hi , in our programs we promote nature journaling as a tool for schools, we are environmental educators who work in bushland conservation as well so we encourage journalling to get the kids outside and observe, record reflect on the plants and animals and interacts that are occurring. We are not artist but would like to learn how to bring art into what we are doing with nature journalling. Cheers Kylie

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Hi Kylie, I am glad to hear you are doing this. When you allow your student to synthesize their learning with their creativity, it can be very powerful. It helps your student attain those higher levels for learning. You dont have to have artistic talent to use art as a learning and synthesizing tool.

I have a number of great illustrated journaling exercises in my book, Connecting Children to Nature through Art, Volume 1. I also sell pre-made sketchbooks with specific exercises on the bottom that direct student focus on specific aspects of plants and animals. I see that you already purchased a book, but I will throw in some of the exercises in the sketchbooks too. Go to www.outsideartlessons.com to preview the sketchbooks. Also, I have a free video link in my website, with a short simple lesson that you could teach your kids on seeing and drawing contours. You may want to check that out: http://outsideartlessons.com/Video.aspx
I have a really fun lesson that has children find things in nature that look like the letters in their name for the cover of their nature journal. It helps them find a connection to nature and have a creative journal cover with their name.
Hi there
Here's a link to www.creativenatureconnection.com Look for a video called This little bird- it shows a way to make Nature Journalling richer and more artful. Have fun!
My Daughter and I formed a G.O. meetup group in March, one of first events was "Go for a Hike and Draw what you See.  It was a small group of kids, but a great success!!  We were hiking in an urban environment (a small nature trail around a creek), but we saw so much and the smells!!  We ran into one particularly large stinky fungus at the base of a dead tree.  The kids were all excited about this and the one lone wild turkey we saw.  When it came time to draw I noticed several kids making an effort to capture the "stinkyness"  of the mushroom by draw wavy lines coming from the drawing!!  It is interesting, my thoughts were that we would sit and draw what was immediately in front of us, but the kids seemed motivated to document their hiking experience through drawing,.... so we let it happen!


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