As my colleague Aaron walked in from Church he said “Reverend E lit it up today – you know how she does.”

I never imagined myself being a church goer; for all of my spiritual life, I had been the type of person who chose to worship on my own. And somehow I find myself going to the East Bay Church of Religious Science consistently if not regularly. I love how they extend open arms to people of all faiths and beliefs and the diversity of amazing people who regularly attend.

But we’ve been really busy lately. Wednesday was a day of completion. We successfully made our match and Kickstarter goal, got the Digipak design to the printer, finished our new video for a news release, finalized the plan for the launch party, and did a new rev of investment docs. It was productive. It was also an all-nighter. My first in a long time; even in College, I was never one to procrastinate and then pull all nighters during hell week. Thursday morning, however, I rejoiced at sight of the morning sun, knowing that our efforts would be rewarded, ensuring that we would have a music video (paid for by Kickstarter) and CDs for the launch.

Suffice to say, church barely crossed my mind that morning; I was in a nesting mood, belatedly straightening up the house and I doing a little work too.

So I’m thinking “yep, I know how Reverend E does” and was seeing her big smile in my mind’s eye. Aaron then hands me a manila envelope with “Mr. Pacha” written on it in child writing. He says “You’ve to see this. After the service I almost got tackled by a six year old. This little girl runs up, and excitedly hands me this manila envelope with a tear on one end…”

I open the envelope and pull out a sheet of paper.

Aaron continues “the girl’s mother said the little girl came home from school saying that she had made a special project for Mr. Pacha at art class. Then she thanked me.”

My mind flashes back to the time that Aaron spoke about Pacha’s Pajamas at a Church service and did a book signing in the Church’s bookstore. Rev. E loves Pacha’s Pajamas and we’re arranging a performance for the congregants this Fall. I look on the other side of the paper, and there is a drawing of little girl whose head is the heart in a drawing of the phrase “I heart Nature,” two flowers, another picture of the girl’s face and hair, and a fruit bearing tree.

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