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Nadia Madlea left a comment for Alexander Fleming
"Our company Greenland oil and gas in Australia is in need of candidates for the following positions below. 1 Finance, Logistics,Administration, Customer care, IT, Human Resource, Accounting Manager ,Catering , sales & Marketing,HSE…"
Sep 11, 2019

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Perry Outdoor Education Trust

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At 2:45am on September 11, 2019, Nadia Madlea said…

Our company Greenland oil and gas in Australia is in need of candidates for the following positions below. 1 Finance, Logistics,Administration, Customer care, IT, Human Resource, Accounting Manager ,Catering , sales & Marketing,HSE Jobs,Electrical Jobs,Doctors and nurse,chefs and cooks,Offshore Jobs,Piping Jobs,Inspector Jobs, Civil Engineer Jobs, Commissioning Jobs,Project Manager Jobs,Instrument Jobs Senior Electrical Engineer ,General Manager Drilling , Technical Assessor / Auditor. available.Filipino , Pakistan, Afghanistan,Brunei, Europeans, Asians,South-Americans, All people from Middle Easts. Cambodia,India, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Iraqis,Maldives,Sri Lanka,Syria,Yemen and African..nationality only can apply.. Salary starts from $11,400 - $14,500 AUD Monthly Accommodation & AIR Ticket will be provided by company. Driver –Storekeeper ,Labor/Helper, $6,600 -$7,700 AUD Monthly. Accommodation & AIR Ticket will be provided by company. Applicants who has related experience are mostly welcome. Please mention in your CV which position you’re applying. Kindly send your CV to the email mention below. Contact email,  Telephone: +61893822788, NOTE… DO NOT REPLY BACK IN THIS SITE, IF YOU ARE INTERESTED CONTACT US THROUGH THIS EMAIL,  FOR IMMEDIATE RESPONSE,OK. GROUP APPLICATION IS ALSO WELCOME INCASE YOU WANT TO APPLY AS A GROUP.


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