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Sing Along with the Best Christmas Songs for Children

Christmas songs are a fun way to get into the holidays with your children. Many parents are intimidated by this idea because they aren't confident in their own singing abilities. You don't have to be a great singer, or even a good singer, to teach Christmas songs to your children.

Think about picking up some holiday CDs at the local library or watching Christmas YouTube videos together as a…


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A Story About Urban Renewal to Capture the Imaginations of Children.

Our family loves the book, The Curious Garden, by Peter Brown.

Brown tells the story of a boy living in a city without greenery where people spend all their time indoors. The hero of the story, Liam, loves being outside despite the dreariness of his…


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That Time of Year

“It’s that time of year, when the world falls in love. When every song you hear seems to say, “Merry Christmas. May your New Year dreams come true…” 

This is a line from one of my favourite Christmas songs by…


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DIY Coconut Oil Bird Feeders

Suet bird feeders have been on our to-do list for a while. Since we generally don’t have suet lying around, I decided to use coconut oil (not our really pure one, but a slightly refined version). A lot of the recipes that we found included things like corn syrup and we really just wanted to keep it simple for our feathery friends.



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DIY Reusable Gift Wrap

Year after year, I’d go from being totally floored to carefully select or craft Christmas gifts only to slump when it was time to wrap them. Not only did I dislike using up a bunch of paper product to wrap our gifts, but the readily available, last minute – ahem – wrapping paper options weren’t stellar either.

Here are just two simple things we’ve done over the…


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Whitetail Doe -

Whitetail Doe -

A doe is a female deer.  Does look similar to bucks, but they are graceful and beautiful in a different way.  And they never have antlers, of course.

A buck is probably chasing this doe. Whitetails are close to the end of the rut right now.  The rut is when bucks go crazy with hormones and start fighting…


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One Vacant Lot at a Time

It was in 1993 that we first started working at our vacant lot. For 20 years we have been restoring this land that is sandwiched between a busy roadway and a bike path. Today it is about an acre in size and is a source of food for bees, birds, rabbits, dragonflies, butterflies, and small mammals.


To read more go to:



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How To Change The World One Play At A Time

Image source…


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Texas Tree Lizard -

Texas Tree Lizard -

This is the largest lizard I have ever caught.  Sometimes called the Texas Spiny Lizard, they can be almost a foot long, even though much of that length is their tail.  They are related to the horny toad in that they have small spikes all over their body.

Unlike every other lizard I know of, these guys live in trees or around tall…


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Autumn Winds

Poets at Gatewood School open their hearts to the changing season.

Photos contributed by Gatewood 5th graders.


To read student work go to:…


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The Power of Play

I came across this brief article outlining the current research evidence that overwhelming supports beginning formal instruction at around the age of seven years old. Read it and see my comments below:…


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Let Them Eat Dirt

I am raising a little naturalist. My youngest daughter has always had a thing for the outdoors. From the very first time we took her camping at about 9 months old, and she ate so much dirt it was coming out of her diapers, to when she was a toddler and picking up every rock, leaf, acorn, stick, and flower in sight, to today when she can name off animal facts like an encyclopedia. This kid just absorbs nature. And she is so smart and happy because of it (no bias there).



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Bon Voyage to the Birds


"The red-winged blackbird is the true harbinger of spring." This is a sentence I repeat at least two or three times a year. I first hear it at the Connecticut Audobon's Eagle Festival. My children and I went to the festival hoping to learn more about eagles and meet the bird experts. The festival is held in February, when everyone is looking toward spring and the return…


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Buffalo -

Buffalo (or American Bison) used to roam all over the Great Plains in huge herds.  Some accounts say that herds could be over a million animals and stretched out on the plains for twenty miles.  I have a hard time seeing that in my mind.

As everybody knows they almost became extinct about a 100 years ago when hunters killed them off for their thick woolly coats. …


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Raised Garden Elevates More Than Plants

Chiemeka Fevecque a Delray Beach Florida teen always had a budding interest in gardening at home with her grandmother. Her passion for tending…


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Cedarsong Forest Kindergarten Emergent Curriculum - LOVE those rainy days!

Cedarsong Forest Kindergarten Newsletter - October 2014

By Erin Kenny ©2014

It has been one wet month here in the Pacific Northwest! We’ve had record rainfall and have observed the highest levels in our mud puddle to date. The kids excitedly guessed each morning whether the puddle would be bigger or smaller than the last time they were at Cedarsong. There were many days when the kids ran right over to grab the painted measuring sticks to see how high the water was, always…


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Love Thy Nature

Knowing "it's extremely important to have a film depict more about the depth of how interconnected we are with everything around us" is filmmaker Sylvie Rokab's underscore of the theme of Love Thy Nature.

The documentary uses a transformative journey of the disembodied narrator (Liam Neeson) from cynic to enlivened advocate to make this point. Sapien, as the voiceover of humankind is known, begins to fill the blank space that represents the "root cause" of our climate change crisis:… Continue

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The NYC Health Dept is hiring two grant funded Active Design Specialist  positions to help schools and daycare/pre-K be more friendly to active play. Please share these exciting opportunities widely!…

The NYC Health Dept is hiring two grant funded Active Design Specialist  positions to help schools and daycare/pre-K be more friendly to active play.

Please share these exciting opportunities widely!

See posting here:


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Praying Mantis -

Praying Mantis -

This Praying Mantis is a female and she is full of eggs.  During the fall they lay hundreds of eggs.  They come out one at a time and form a large organized mound that looks like frothy bubbles.  Later, the egg mound hardens to form a protective layer over the eggs so they can hatch without being eaten.  Then the mother mantis…


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While walking in the woods this afternoon, I found an Eastern Box Turtle sitting among the fallen leaves. At some point each autumn, I find a box turtle in about the same location. Today, I learned that they have a limited home range and spend their entire life ranging from…


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