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Forest Bathing and Foraging

Forest Bathing and Foraging…


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URGENT: Voices Needed to Save Olympic National Park from warfare training.

Dear C&NN enthusiasts,


The US Navy wants to turn Washington State's Olympic Peninsula, home to Olympic National Park, into a training range for "Electronic Warfare". They plan to use the skies over Olympic National Park for  squadrons of fighter jets to practice "warfare maneuvers" 8-16 hours a day, permanently.The only thing that will turn this around is a national public outcry. We have only a couple of weeks before the Forest Service makes…


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The Need for Deep Ecology Education

I've been writing extensively on this topic which is at the core of my artwork. This is an urgent and fascinating theme whch needs to be put into practice, discussed and shared as widely as possible. For some insights on the meaning given to Deep Ecology and how it relates to child education, you can write me or read some of my posts in English on the Pulse page at LinkedIn:…


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Discover Nature Awareness (DNA)

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International School Grounds Alliance (ISGA)

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Treeture Teachers

Discovered this website, looks have some good resources here:

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Nature Camp, Prescott, AZ

Inspired by Richard Louv's book, I created a Nature camp ALL CHILDREN IN THE WOODS that runs during school breaks in the woods around Prescott, AZ.

The goal of this camp is to help children to connect with nature, with one another, to learn and to have fun. The dynamic is based on a combination of guided educational activities, organized games, songs, art work, journal keeping, walks, building, team work, storytelling, free play, and…


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One Last Hike

Rain slickers, rubber boots, happy voices, bright shiny green everywhere, and rain—summer rain, these are the lasting images of my final hike with the Explorer's class of 2015.

It was a fitting end to our time with this adventurous group of children. They were always ready to hit the trails and make discoveries. Some days we would only make it to the front of the…


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Free Teacher Workshop in Outdoor Education, Portland OR

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Free Teacher Workshop in Outdoor Education, Rainier OR

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A Game that will Teach Children About Protecting Nature

Our Project! is called Pacha! Protector of Mother Nature. Pacha is a beautiful magic bird that wakes up to find its home, the Giant Tree Forest, very sick due to deforestation, acid rain and pollution. The object of the game is to explore the 2D forest collecting various objects…


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Get your own wings this summer and 59 other Wild Ideas for the holidays

Do you want to get your own wings this summer?

Can you follow a spiral in a pine cone?…


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Family Farm Day Gives Kids Dose of Vitamin "N"

Nature Rocks Homer's annual Family Farm Day in Alaska brought over 200 people - young and old - out into the sunshine this month!


Family Farm Day Gives Kids Dose of Vitamin "N"…


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Banyan Bliss, an Eco Homestead!

Banyan Bliss is an Eco friendly homestead created to offer children and parents a time and space to connect with nature. We are blessed to be based in the western Ghats in India.

Western Ghats is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the eight "hottest hotspots" of biological diversity in the world. It is sometimes called the Great Escarpment of India.

The area is one of the world's ten "Hottest biodiversity hotspots" and has over 7,400 species of flowering plants, 139… Continue

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Hooray For Dirt!

For generations, parents have understood that playing outdoors is good for kids. Grandparents know that fresh air is good for a fussy baby. There’s even folk wisdom that says every person should eat a peck of dirt before they die! Science is now catching up with common sense as study after study shows just how beneficial nature is for us physically, cognitively, emotionally, and spiritually. It is worth taking a closer look at that peck of dirt…

The book…


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101 Ways to Get Kids Outside & Spark a Love of Nature

I compiled this list based on all the activities and playing I've done with my two kids over the past six years. Most of these are easy and free ways to be outside and have fun!…


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Gardening with Kids :: Germination Test + Printable

This is a really fun experiment for kids to help with (or take lead on) and depending on how many seeds you have will take an hour or so to start. I think the best part, other than the vibrant red in the beet sprouts, was the wash of cucumber scent that was released as we checked on the cucumber seeds. It was seriously intense, and like a little burst of summer.

You can download the free printable photo tutorial and chart over in the …


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