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Let’s Talk…Let’s Give Children Back Their Childhood

Let’s give children back their childhood.

Children are spending less time outdoors than ever before. “Let’s Talk” is a new online talk show asking QUESTIONS, getting ANSWERS so that YOU can take ACTION!

We ALL have a part to play in this revolution. Watch the videos:…


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Adjuncts to Let's Move: Let's Move Outside and Chef’s Move to Schools

Let's Move Outside is a complementary program launched by the USA's First Lady in the Spring of 2010 to help solve the challenge of childhood obesity within a generation.…


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Outdoor Learning CPD for Teachers across Scotland

Calling all Scottish teachers! Learning and Teaching Scotland have just published a programme of outdoor learning CPD sessions. The programme can be viewed or downloaded from the Outdoor Learning Events webpage. Every school in Scotland has been sent a flier about these events.…


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Therapeutic Garden Intersections; Asphalt to Ecosystems

For those exploring options and development of transformational gardens: Therapeutic and/or Schoolyard.

The Therapeutic Landscapes Network's (TLN) new site is up.

It includes a directory of designers and consultants, a comprehensive list of articles/links and a handsome reference section.



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“A Running, Hollering, Skipping, Playing Place" - the Legacy Emanuel Children's Hospital Garden

Topiary at the Legacy Emanuel Children’s Hospital Garden. Photo by Max Sokol

This is an excerpt from a recent Therapeutic Landscapes Network Blog post. Please click…


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Autumn Bounty Nature Event from Chinese Perspective

I recently just wrote a blog about organizing nature activities in China, from an American perspective. Here's a blog within a blog, from a Chinese writer. As we have held our last few events, a lovely photographer and writer has joined us to record our time together. Though the comments to the photos are in Chinese, the photos are easy to review. I also just use Google Translate for fairly good and very quick translations. Here are the blog links:…


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What is the Best Dose of Nature and Green Exercise for Improving Mental Health?

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” -- George Bernard Shaw

This recent…


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Rocks, Leaves and Autumn Breeze


The Leaf Dancer


Take a walk and see what you can find below the trees.


Chestnuts, acorns and lot’s of leaves.


Down by the lake, hunt for rocks in the Autumn breeze.


Why not try making one of these….


Nature friends dancing


Acorn Boy and…


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Artist Multi-tasks Mother Nature in Elusive Landscape

A lament from the Children and Nature Network is that in the last score or so of years children of the digital age have become increasingly disenfranchised from the natural environment, sometimes with perilous implications, not only for their physical fitness,…


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Listen to the Garden -- Part 1

Bloggers Note:
The entry below was written to initiate our community-vested garden project at the City of Delray Beach, FL Park and Recreation site called Veterans Park. Delray Beach is referred to as the "village by the sea". For those interested in creating community gardens, we found clearly outlining the part people can play vital to moving our project forward. The second…

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Homemade Honey Wheat Bread

You may notice a few recipes in my Children and Nature Blog. If the kids are well nourished, then they will have more energy and more stamina to hike, bike, climb, ski, and paddle. This recipe is a favorite of my own kids and I hope your kids will like it as well. I have been making it every week or two for a couple of years. This recipe is lactose free and uses only traditional, natural ingredients. The sweetness comes from honey, which may be easier to digest than table sugar or high…


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The Power of the Children and Nature Movement in China

If we are visiting these sites, we already understand the power of this movement, to liberate our children, and ourselves, back into playing in nature. I am compelled to add to the proof at just how natural and permeating this movement is, in China. This is too long for a blog, but I can not resist sharing.

My vantage point is as an American mother raising two young children in urban China. We…


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Cairns and Castles

We were on a hike recently to Buck Mountain, near Lake George NY, and happened to find this good sized cairn near the peak. It got me to thinking about how kids just don't get much chance to build with natural materials. This particular cairn looked a bit like an ancient castle. What a great introduction to engineering. Small children piling up a few rocks in the garden as a focal point; older children designing more complex arrangements. Simple…


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Six Myths About Inter-generational/Inclusive Fitness and Physical Activity

by R. T. Eady, M.Ed, NCC, Ko~Sha~Rey Rhythms Therapeutics
Oftentimes, when I speak at a conference in the USA or present my 3-Bs (Breathing, Balance and Bi-Lateral Coordination) seminars, I begin with a demystification of what Tai Chi is doing to bring body, mind and spirit together in a movement meditation. All the while underscoring why these holistic considerations are so important for both ends of the age spectrum…

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Experimenting with Last Child in the Woods

Note to readers: I posted this to my personal blog in August 2010 and just got around to posting it now at C&NN!

I gave Mother Nature a good laugh this week. After reading Last Child in the Woods, I made an attempt to return to nature with my children. For the past seven days, the average daily temperature was 103 degrees. If there is anytime of the year in Las Vegas that should be spent indoors, it is the month of August. However, in the…


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Natural Classrooms to Educate Our Children

"State parks are outdoor classrooms providing environment-based learning for more than 500,000 kids annually. The parks are second only to our public schools in the educational opportunities they offer to our youngest Californians." From the Nature Conservancy.

Have you explored a state park recently with your child?

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Feet Talking; Hands Thinking: Encouraging Teachers to be Inclusive -- Naturally

by R. T. Eady, Foot Whisperer,…


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TREES Workshp at The Cabin Path


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