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Praying Mantis -

Praying Mantis -

This Praying Mantis is a female and she is full of eggs.  During the fall they lay hundreds of eggs.  They come out one at a time and form a large organized mound that looks like frothy bubbles.  Later, the egg mound hardens to form a protective layer over the eggs so they can hatch without being eaten.  Then the mother mantis…


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While walking in the woods this afternoon, I found an Eastern Box Turtle sitting among the fallen leaves. At some point each autumn, I find a box turtle in about the same location. Today, I learned that they have a limited home range and spend their entire life ranging from…


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5 Simple and Ingenious Ways to Teach Kids about Nature Through Play And Art

It has become very difficult to get children to appreciate the wonders of the natural world that surrounds them. Why? Because they’re glued to their TVs, laptops, iPads, and mobile phones almost all the time, they don’t like playing outdoors anymore.

Technology has definitely come a long way in making things more convenient for us, but it has also had a lot of undesired effects. It’s…


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All in a Day


The kids had a blast outside in their zebra face paint, climbing, crawling, and exploring. We managed to pick a few cups of rose hips for our winter vitamin C, and some other items for nature crafts. All in a day. Er, half day. The best part? Milo…


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Beeswax Dipped Leaves


To welcome fall, we joined with another family for a walk in the woods at a local natural area. We were greeted by an abundance of tiny characters beneath the trees; little acorns wearing their adorable…


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Sweet Learning // Honey Bees


Thanks to our favourite local bee keeper, our bee-learning this fall took on a hands-on dimension. The kids LOVE bees. They totally get it. They get that we eat from the garden (and the stores) thanks to the bees. They are fascinated by these creatures – we all are. And we all love their sweet, sticky goods, too. Even…


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Gray Squirrel -

The Gray Squirrel is the most common squirrel in the U.S.  I love their big bushy gray tail, and watching it move when they run.  It twitches and takes a different form at every step following along like a tail on a kite.

Squirrels are one of the only mammals that can come down a tree headfirst.  They do it by turning their flexible back paws around and…


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