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Falcon Watch - Soon!

Earth Day is on April 22nd .  For the past few years, SW and her mate have helped us celebrate Earth Week with newly hatched chicks.  This year the fourth egg was laid on March 23rd, and incubation usually lasts 33 to 35 days from the date the last egg, or the second last, was laid.   When do you think the first egg will hatch?   


Right now you can look for signs that point towards hatching.  In the last few days before the hatch, the female often does…


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Life Is Good (or "How We Got Here")

A few days ago, we were at a crossroads with my son's Club. It had started out as a homeschool project: build a website, talk to other kids all over the world. Then it morphed into educational resources and Family Empowerment coaching.


Due to the somewhat emotionally heavy nature of coaching, we decided to transfer the Empowerment series to my website but that left us wondering what we'd do with the Club. There was a huge hole in content. We wondered if we should call it a…


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I come into the peace of wild things

On a Wendell Berry kick today and found this quote. In the wake of tsunamis and nuclear meltdowns across the ocean I thought this was very poignant...

"When despair for the world grows in me and I wake in the night at the least sound in fear of what my life and…

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Lets Go Outside Revolution...Getting Kids Outdoors!


Last night I was up late making banners and cutting strips of material for a cause I hold dear to my heart. Getting Kids Outside!


Tomorrow is the launch of the "Let's Go Outside" Revolution, a non-profit organization with a mission to actively engage children with nature. (Revolution Website launches 29th April).

The Let’s Go Outside Revolution is about growing a generation of happy…


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Getting Children Interesting in Nature in Your Back Yard


There are many ways to foster an early love of nature for your children and you don’t need to travel far to do this.  You can go along to some local woodland or public park, or you can begin at home in your back yard.  The beauty of nature is that it is all around us just waiting to be explored.

Admiring Flowers

Collecting flowers and then pressing or drying them is an excellent way of teaching your children about the various plant life out there.…


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Over 160 people attend Nature Play Date at Mass Audubon's Boston Nature Center


April 14, 2011



Jean Dorcus, Education Manager, Mass Audubon’s Boston Nature Center

(617) 983 8500 x6903





(Mattapan, MA) – (April 14, 2011) – Children and families came together to play…


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Falcon Watch

Incubating, egg-turning, patience………….

guarding the nest…..



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Live the life you want your child to lead...

A friend of mine recently posted the quote "Live the life you want your child to lead." Who originally said it, I have know clue. I shared the quote with my husband who was starting to feel guilty about his time away from our son, as he trains for his attempt to summit Denali (Mt. McKinley), the tallest peak in North America in June. While it is true, due to his demanding job and the training he doesn't get to spend as much time home as he wants, and sometimes I have to kick him out the door…


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Autumn in The Royal

Get Outdoors Month in the Northern Hemisphere heralds the arrival of spring. Down here in the Antipodes we're heading into Autumn. Even so, April as outdoors month still makes sense; gone are the humid steamy Sydney days that for a week this year didn't drop below 30 degrees with many days exceeding 40. So autumn and spring really are the best months to be outside for any length of time. Less need to slap on the sunscreen, hats and mozzie repellent, and like today, beautiful soft and gentle…


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Bird watching, wealth, and getting eyes up...

From my blog, the Daily Bird New England...

The results of the 2011 Focus on Feeders were published this week. Focus on Feeders is a national event, sponsored in Massachusetts by…


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Tadpoles & Frogs


There is just something so cute about frogs; maybe it’s because of all the fairy tales about kissing frogs and turning them into handsome princes, or maybe Kermit has done his fellow frogs a great service and turned them into the loveable fellas they are. Whatever it is the little creatures are fascinating to us and to our eager-minded little nature explorers.

Following the life cycles of frogs from tadpole to adult frog is also an excellent way of showing your children…


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Let's Walk or Bike to School

Now that Spring is finally here, we try to walk or cycle home from school at least once a week. It takes about an hour – it’s up hill all the way!


But boy is it worth it…


I love the simple things in life-like sharing these precious moments with my children in nature- Magical!


(Note: He wears a helmet when cycling!).


Come on mum!


Half way view.…



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A friendly encounter with a Canada Goose (or two!)

This photograph and story were sent to me by Wendy, a participant in one of our volunteer-led pilot programs. Thought I'd share it:…


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Hello there! For several years now i'm following the Children and Nature network. Everytime i get a newsletter, i'm enjoying the great activity's that are in it. I use it to get inspiration for my ac…

Hello there! For several years now i'm following the Children and Nature network. Everytime i get a newsletter, i'm enjoying the great activity's that are in it.
I use it to get inspiration for my activities in the Netherlands. I dream of a network similar to this one. Keep up the good work and the inspiration.

Every child is a Pioneer! Continue

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Bug Watching with Children

As spring gathers speed and the clocks go forward to allow us more daylight it’s a perfect time to get out in the garden or some local woodland and do some bug watching.

Children are fascinated by bugs and love to pick them up and handle them so they can view them at close quarters.  Their different textures, shapes and colors will enthral them, let them count the legs and wings of different bugs and explain what each one is and what it does.  Take a digital camera with you so you can…


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What Is More Important?


It’s the second week of our Spring Break. Even though the kids are on holiday, like so many mums, I still have to juggle work – illustrations to be completed, orders to be dispatched, a laundry pile to be tackled, emails to be sent and phone calls to be made.

As I sat in front of my computer replying to emails, Sam appeared, his face beaming with excitement. “Check out this squirrel mum, it came right up to me while I was on the deck”.




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Falcon Watch - Incubation

It looks like SW has finished laying eggs - we hope that all 4 will hatch.  Incubation usually lasts 33 to 35 days from the date the last egg, or the second last, was laid. As you monitor the FalconCam during incubation, you will almost always see a parent covering the precious eggs, and you will see a lot of pictures that look like this:…


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Mushrooms and relearning to look

I spotted this community editorial written by a local university student, and I thought it should be shared. I love that the author's friend made mushrooms out of clay and copper, and hid them around a campus building to "help people relearn to look." The author and his friend, like many of us, are aware of how society has lost touch with the environment and are sharing their concern through writing and art. Well done!…


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Take It Outside: Just One

Turn off the screens—the television, the computer, the video games. Take time from work, from chores, from the day-to-day tasks that keep us busy. Adults and children, take it outside. Every couple of weeks I will challenge you to see and hear new things—to hunt the woods for wildflowers, to find shapes in nature, to sit by the waterside and listen for unique sounds. So much to experience out in the world!


This week’s challenge: Just…


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The Farewell Season

I found it this year, the farewell season.  Fumbling toward spring I happened upon it. The moment…the moment where we turn our face from winter. Hunched and pinched, we turn, we straighten.  We notice light, growth and in the past, I have run to spring. Spring with her open, crocus filled arms teaming with new life. …


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