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Did you all see the cover of time this week? It's about OverParenting

They quote Lenore Skenazy of New York City - she has a blog called FreeRangeKids. I've spoken with her on the phone before. Lots of common connections between our issues and this one.

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An email I received that I thought you might enjoy reading

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL MY FRIENDS WHO WERE BORN IN THE 1930's 1940's, 50's, 60's, 70's and early 80's !

First, we survived being born to mothers who smoked and/or drank while they carried us and lived in houses made of asbestos. They took aspirin, ate blue cheese, raw egg products, loads of bacon and processed meat, tuna from a can, and didn't get tested for diabetes or cervical cancer.

Then after that trauma, our baby cots were covered with bright coloured lead-based… Continue

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We need your vote!

As we ramp up our Canadian efforts to build the children and nature movement, we've entered a contest and we need your help to get us there! Here are the details!

1. Go here:

2. Log in,

3. then go to "Environment & Conservation"

4. and scroll down to "Inside OUT - a natural revolution for children and families" and cast your 3 votes by clicking on the little 'vote' button under the tallied vote… Continue

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Is there a “Button Park” in your future?

Remember the special place in nature that you had as a child — that wooded lot at the end of the cul de sac, that ravine behind your housing tract? What if adults had cared just as much about that special place as you did, when you were a child?

In the spirit of the Do it Yourself, Do it Now philosophy of the Children & Nature Network, here’s an idea whose time may be coming: the creation of “nearby-nature trusts.” Land trust organizations could develop and distribute tool kits,… Continue

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Do you know about the "Music for the Movement?"

Did you know.....?

Professional singer and songwriter Jenny Morgan has produced a CD of songs for the Children & Nature movement. These are available for purchase online. Because she is extremely dedicated to the movement (and is founder of the Leave No Child INSIDE Central Ohio Collaborative) she can work out affordable licensing agreements for you to use the music in promotional DVDs, TV ads, Web sites, etc.

Please visit… Continue

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David Sobel: This one was for you!

Yesterday morning, twelve cars travelled up the Blue Ridge Parkway towards Peaks of Otter. Looking back at the long line of cars was only a foreshadowing of the fun that was about to happen. Big kids, little kids, and some brave parents took on the challenge of getting to the top.

Here’s a reference:…


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Governor letter to Secretary Duncan

The deadline for Governors to sign onto Governor O'Malley's letter urging Education Secretary Arne Duncan to support the No Child Left Inside ammendment is November 20th. So far, O'Malley is joined by Governors from CT, KS, OH, VI, NM, WI, ME, OR, KY, IL, WI, CO and VA. Governor Schwarzenegger’s office has expressed support for NCLI, but has not yet signed on to the letter.

If you have any questions, please contact me. The letter is inserted below:

July 10,… Continue

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Partnership for Children in Nature Work Plan

Maryland has released its annual Partnership for Children in Nature Work Plan. This plan outlines short-terms goals that can be achieved with existing funds. Although times are tough for states, the urgency to get our kids connected to nature remains. The annual work plan aims to accomplish some of the recommendations put forth by the Maryland Partnership for Children in Nature. For more information, please visit

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Sign of the times - Sesame Street Changes

I'm watching Sesame Street for the first time in 20+ years -- Today the theme is habitat, and Big Bird is trying to decide if he's going to migrate. A Black-bellied whistling duck is doing a parody on The Maltese Falcon. There are activities for parents and teachers Michelle Obama is planting a vegetable garden. Kids are learning how to leap like a frog.

Cheryl says that… Continue

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Conkers Part 2

This posting looks at games for groups of children which can be played with conkers. It's from my own blog, "I'm a teacher, get me OUTSIDE here!"

Pass the conker

Everyone stands in a circle holding a conker in each hand behind their backs. An adult or a child who isn’t part of the circle counts to twenty quickly. The children in the circle, close their eyes and start passing conkers to their left as… Continue

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Connecting to Nature in America's Toughest City

Latino Health Access (LHA) is an Inside the Outdoors' partner. Last summer, we were able to offer Inside the Outdoors Summer Day Camp camperships to 10 children served by LHA. These children live in a place where every child has only 22 feet of open space. Most of the campers from LHA had never been outside of their community, so the experience for them represented the first chance the children had to connect with nature.

If you want to be truly inspired, take a few minutes to listen… Continue

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Richard Louv Lets His Actions Speak Loudest

Richard Louv has brought his passion for bringing families, children and nature together to yet another empowering project. As a contributor to our recently published book, Actions Speak Loudest, Richard penned an inspiring essay about the diverse physical and emotional benefits of “Connecting With Nature.”

I first met Rich during the filming of our documentary, Remote Control,… Continue

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Outdoor Afro Halloween!

Some folks my age think Halloween is radically different now than when we were kids, but it really isn’t. Kids still love and anticipate dressing up, getting a ton of free candy, and a sanctioned roam of the streets after nightfall. For me and my friends, it’s one of those childhood activities that keep evolving over time, with more elaborate parties to attend and more decadent costumes to fuss over as adults.

As a child, I actually… Continue

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new NC state coalition wants to involve youth more

The new N.C. Children and Nature Coalition (NCCAN!) has formally launched itself this past week ( after almost 2 years of planning) in Charlotte with Richard Louv in attendance. We announced the new website ( and will be hosting our annual conference at the NC Zoo March 25, 2010. The Zoo has a Zoo HIgh School as part of the local school system with the actual classrooms/high school on site. They would like to become… Continue

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Last week I was on a secret mission. Deep in the woods outside Inverurie, there are some horse chestnut trees which always have a good supply of conkers. Under the pretence of taking my dog for a walk I took a bag and set off during the middle of the day to add to my collection.

As I approached the trees, my apprehension grew. Year after year, I suffered disappointment as a child, usually being the last to get to the conker trees and having the tail-end pickings. At first glance when… Continue

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Nature Clubs for Families Toolkit: A Valuable Resource for Funding!

A grant was recently awarded to fund a Family Nature Club using the Nature Clubs for Families Toolkit as a resource. The grant will allow the Ward Museum to develop and pilot a new Family Nature Club. If you are interested in learning more about how to use this toolkit in grant writing to fund a FNC or have similar accomplishments and ideas to share, please post your ideas or contact

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Podcast: Getting Dirty With Nature Play!

Recently, I had the opportunity to discuss nature play with KaBOOM! I am excited to be able to talk to their audience about play beyond the boundaries of a playground.

Shout-outs to Last Child in the Woods, Nature Rocks, and eNature -- naturally!

Please stop by The Grass Stain Guru and give it a listen and share as you see fit.

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New Children's Book: Bear-ly There

I had the opportunity to interview author Rebekah Raye, author of the new book Bear-ly There. Filled with beautiful illustrations, this book is a great way for children and families to learn more about bears, and what to do if one ventures into their yard.

Read the interview at The Grass Stain… Continue

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environmental activities resources

Go to:

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Contest now underway invites young people to "get to know" their wild neighbors

In an unprecedented collaboration, over thirty major organizations have joined forces to invite young Americans to discover nature by entering the Robert Bateman "Get to Know" Contest. These partners include the Children & Nature Network, the US Forest Service, US Fish & Wildlife Service, National Wildlife Federation, the Wyland Foundation, and many others. The Get to Know Contest invites any American age 18 or younger to go outdoors, to "get to know" their wild neighbors, and then to… Continue

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