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First Week of Forest Preschool at The North Branch Nature Center

I noticed two major signs of fall this week:  the temps were crisp and cool in the morning, and eager 3, 4, and 5 year olds started their first week of Forest Preschool!  Being outside the whole time, the children used their imaginations and took advantage of the forest to have a grand old time.
Our days always start with "Loose Parts Play."  As Forest Preschool teachers, we embrace the adage, "One man's trash is…

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Building Our Play Spaces

 The Forest Preschoolers are active, imaginative, and LOVE to build.  They love to create their worlds, and will craft pretty much anything they can get their hands on into elaborate scenes.  Much of our mornings focus around building in some form, and pretty much everyone…

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Quiet in the Forest

Quiet in the Forest

It's the beginning of all our ECO (Educating Children Outdoors) programs in surrounding schools and the students have fallen back into our outdoor learning routines beautifully. The crisp fall air, the stunning colors of autumn and…

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One Step at a Time

The summit of Mount Monadnock was our goal on a sunny summer day. Friday night we camped at Monadnock State Park at the foot of this popular mountain. Monadnock is said to be the world's third most climbed mountain, behind Japan's Mount Fuji and China's Mount…


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We are of the Earth


I was writing notes for my speech for the Nature Education Conference in New Zealand and it sparked a visual idea that I had to draw. It seeded the theme of what will ultimately become the main thread of my talk.

We are of the Earth.…



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The Flipped Classroom: Fertile Ground for Teaching Environmental Education

There's a grassroots movement trending in communities across the country. It started with a handful of tech-savvy pioneers and a few innovative educators. Slowly, it moved in to the mainstream, catching the attention of parents and kids searching for a better way. Forward-thinking businesses and avant-garde entrepreneurs saw the immense, untapped potential and jumped on board. Now, it's cropping up everywhere.


No, people aren't protesting on the city green or picketing the…


Added by Elizabeth Milli on October 1, 2013 at 8:03am — 5 Comments

Cedarsong Forest Kindergarten newsletter - Sept. 2013

Forest Kindergarten newsletter – Sept. 2013 ©Erin Kenny 2013

 September was mostly dry and warm, with some drippy rain and foggy days. We had many barefoot kids right through the third week of September. In my experience, going barefoot is one of the most common experiences young children gravitate towards and these Forest Kindergarten children are all so thankful that they can go without shoes in the Cedarsong forest!

 As the month progressed, the wet chilly weather…


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Erin Kennys' book "Forest Kindergartens" is released!

A book release party for Erin K. Kenny’s Forest Kindergartens: The Cedarsong Way is scheduled for Sat. Oct. 5, from 6-7:30pm, at the Vashon Land Trust Building. Join the celebration, hear Erin read excerpts from her book and have your…

Added by Erin Kenny on September 27, 2013 at 11:13am — 3 Comments

Magnus Mud Run!

Click Here! <-- Link to the Magnus Mud Run page on mytownpatriot.com. The Magnus Mud Run is put together by The Galloway Patriot, Galloway Township's hometown paper.

Please check out some awesome pictures from our June event in the album on my c&nN…


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Is Nature In Your Nature? Fun quiz for kids...

click to see post

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Looking for a Nature Fix in Houston

How do you find nature in an asphalt landscape?


      After a summer in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, my children and I returned to Houston, their father, and our little house in the middle of a tangle of freeways.…


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Nature collages

Tree posters made with leaves and twigs by school kidsNature collage

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A Win Win Saturday: Urban Farming & Kids Volunteering

You are never too young to plant it forward.


            The grackles are cawing from their perch on the telephone wire.  Below, Simon, Cam and I are shuffling through the dirt looking for rocks. We pick up a brown clod and hit it with a stone.  If it…


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Albany's Youth Ed-Venture & Nature Network Get Outdoors and Learn

C&NN Associate Brother Yusuf Abdul-Wasi contributes the following:

Paddling Tivoli North Bay

On an easy Sunday morning this fascinating tidal marsh in Dutchess County, offered our group of inner-city youth, teachers and family members an up-close exploration of spectacular plants, interesting wildlife, and scenic views of the Catskills. With the superb eco-guidance and…


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Holistic Development Courses for Youth

Are you homeschooling and looking for some fun additional courses for you and your child? Or are you looking for something to supplement your child’s regular school education that will help him or her to thrive within that setting? These holistic development courses might be just what you are looking for. Each course varies in its length but maintains a similar…


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Paddling on Black Oak Lake

Today after Sunday brunch nine students joined graduate fellow Paul Lovaas, my wife Jennifer and I for a paddle on Black Oak Lake. We started our journey from the shores of the Lowenstine Estate, the up north home of Conserve School’s founder Jim Lowenstine. As a group we maneuvered the 29…


Added by Stefan Anderson on August 27, 2013 at 8:14pm — 1 Comment

Capture the moment - FOREVER

Taken from my bog - Mywishingrock.blogspot.com



After a wonderful but windy afternoon walk around the woodland near school, my children began to talk about the afternoon’s experiences.

Dianne said how much she enjoyed the walk in the long grass around the trees. “Everything was beautiful, Mr. Paull…………….everything smelled dead good. Did you hear the wind, though?  It was making a…


Added by John Paull on August 24, 2013 at 3:00pm — No Comments

We Protect What We Love

Our Children are the Caretakers of Tomorrow: In this book we celebrate nature and art, opening the hearts and minds of children - inspiring them to explore the wonders of the natural world and thier own unique creative…


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Milwaukee, Wisconsin – September 8th, 2013 – Tropic Life Pets is presenting Tales From the Bug Whisperer (EXTREME EDITION).  Award winning film producer, educator and entertainer Antonio Gustin (aka “The Bug Whisperer ™”) of Tony’s Creepy Crawly Zoo is teaming up with Natural Art Promotions.  The greatest…


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