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Building the Foundation for a Love of Learning.

Building the Foundation for a Love of Learning.

It is very exciting time at Building Blocks Preschool.  We just rolled out our new website and sharing our story.  We have been sharing our story but not getting our message across clearly.  We are pleased to say we took the time and…


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Building Blocks Preschool-An Early Chidhood Learning Community

I am the founder and Executive Director of the Building Blocks Preschool. We are a year-round Nature based and Reggio Inspired preschool.

In 2004 my husband Joseph and I decided to invest in our children’s early childhood education and in the Huron Valley Community. Our school resides in a 100 year old farmhouse that backs up to over 5,000 acres Highland Recreation Area ( A State of MI Department of Natural Resources).

Our school believes it is critical that children have the…


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Building Blocks Preschool-Highland, MI -Educators will go to Reggio Emilia, Italy

This Friday, June 20, 2014, two of Building Blocks Preschools, Educators, Ms. Jennifer Young, Lead Teacher and Ms. Suzanne Gabli, owner and Executive director will be hopping on a plane headed to Italy.  For the next two weeks to study and learn about early…


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Spring time-Being Green

We are very excited to except this award for our 6th school year as a Michigan Green School.  This is our first year as an Evergreen status.  We received acknowledgment for 20+ points for our conservation efforts. 

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Jennifer Young Learning Goals June 2014 Trip to Reggio Emilia, Italy

My journey into the practices of Reggio Emilia, Italy so far has really changed how I view learning.  I love the idea of adults and children working and learning side by side as constructivists.…

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We Gather Together and rememberance day

After the sign in for ‘We Gather Together’ we took a moment to talk about the day of remembrance and service and how VISTA is a national service program linking this national observance to our area.…


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Seeing Nature-Michigan Green School

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt within the heart. – Helen Keller

Being Green.  Thinking Green.  Outdoor Green.  Garden Green.

To bring children in touch with the…


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Norman Wells Historical Society

Today we visited the museum in Norman Wells. Thank you for choosing it in last week's Cast Your Vote.…


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Lessons from Professor Snowman - Inquiry Based Learning

Lessons from Professor Snowman

Inquiry learning focuses on the idea that the learner generates their own questions about the world and the teacher…


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Solar Lessons for Home

Building a garden shed was a unique learning experience for my children Aside from some basic vocational skills and safety lessons that are always good to teach, we used the Pythagorean theorem to keep things square to demonstrate real world uses for seemingly “useless” math, introductory physics with lever and fulcrum to show my nine year old how to lift a 250lb wall section and block and tackle to hoist small rafter sections to demonstrate the effectiveness of pulleys, and half a dozen…


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It's Parks it local!

So we are in the middle of Parks Week Australia and New Zealand (3 - 9 March) and so far, our little family has been to a park three out of the four days, so we're definitely getting in the spirit!

What is Parks Week? Well its an annual celebration of the important role that parks play in contributing to the health of our…

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Outdoor Adventures Are Best Spent With Dads

Kids make the greatest adventurers. Having said this, you may have well realized that going on an outdoor adventure would not be complete without having your kids in tow.

Don’t be surprised to find your kids leading when it comes to coming up with diverse outdoor activities you’ll enjoy yourself, particularly, during kids’ bonding time with dad. Kids turn to their dad for primary companionship when going on several exciting adventures outdoors. This is…


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The Power of the Children and Nature Movement in China

If we are visiting these sites, we already understand the power of this movement, to liberate our children, and ourselves, back into playing in nature. I am compelled to add to the proof at just how natural and permeating this movement is, in China. This is too long for a blog, but I can not resist sharing.

My vantage point is as an American mother raising two young children in urban China. We…


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