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Native Florida Cassia: Winter Butterfly Bush

Fall in Florida feels like a second spring.   Looks like it too!  While most plants and trees are loosing their leaves, evergreen native cassia is just beginning to bloom.  By Christmas, walls of dense overhead shrubs will be completely covered with clusters of bright yellow flowers.  Sulphur butterflies choose these as the host for their caterpillars.  Also known as Winter Cassia or Butterfly Bush; it's a standard for the Florida Gardener.  The first cold snap will shatter the…


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UK, serious about butterflies.

The big butterfly count for butterfly conservation is happening now in the UK, July 20 through August 11.  They've developed a free smartphone app to track sightings of day flyers and there's a butterfly photo contest.  We love the organized effort to bring attention to our favorite species.   Here's the link.…


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Tulsi, Holy Basil


When we started growing Tulsi, 7 years ago, we had no idea it was a Hindu Goddess in plant form, considered sacred and worshiped for over 5,000 years.  Thriving in our tropical conditions, this divine aroma begged to be investigated.  Native to India, it's the primary herb of Ancient Ayurveda known as "The Queen of Herbs."  When introduced to Christian's, they named it Holy Basil.  In the class of Adaptogens, alternative medicine calls it "a highly…


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Help Butterflies Fly Away Happy: In the wild, 2% will succeed

Once upon a time, harming a butterfly was a punishable crime. Hundreds of years ago, the Irish believed butterflies carried souls to heaven and interference was illegal. Ancient cultures worldwide have all cherished butterflies. Each butterfly lays it's eggs on a particular plant: Sulfurs choose Cassia.

It's impossible to count the different species of Sulfur butterflies. They fly in endless shades of white, yellow and orange. It's the result of massive hybridization; a unique feature…


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