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What do Trees Know?

Lessons from a Morning Walk

My son, Kaveh, and I have been taking a walk before school.  This is not so easy on a weekday, but it is a high priority.  We might make it around a block or two in ten minutes, and I am never, ever sorry.  Here is why.

On a recent morning walk, in the brisk fall air, we were…


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Looking for a Nature Fix in Houston

How do you find nature in an asphalt landscape?


      After a summer in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, my children and I returned to Houston, their father, and our little house in the middle of a tangle of freeways.  We were happy to see friends and family but also dismayed by the heat, the…


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A Win Win Saturday: Urban Farming & Kids Volunteering

You are never too young to plant it forward.


            The grackles are cawing from their perch on the telephone wire.  Below, Simon, Cam and I are shuffling through the dirt looking for rocks. We pick up a brown clod and hit it with a stone.  If it breaks, it is clay.  If it does not--if the clod has an almost…


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Wrangling the Boys at Rainier National Park

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 The boys and I always spend several weeks in Seattle each summer.  Usually, the long days at my father’s place feel languid, but this particular summer has been a bit chaotic, with multiple friends passing through town and…


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Cam's Boulder Adventure

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Simon and I were sitting in the shade of a magnificent boulder and looking out over pristine Heather Lake in the North Cascades.  Suddenly, I heard my 9-year-old’s voice from above.

“Hi mom!” called…


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