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After a wonderful but windy afternoon walk around the woodland near school, my children began to talk about the afternoon’s experiences.

Dianne said how much she enjoyed the walk in the long grass around the trees. “Everything was beautiful, Mr. Paull…………….everything smelled dead good. Did you hear the wind, though?  It was making a…


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Pocket Museums

I moved to Blaby Stokes Junior School in January 1965.


After a rocky start, and remembering my experience with Tiger at trinity Fields, things began to feel good in my classroom, filled with 40 fifth graders.


One Monday morning, the classroom atmosphere was highly charged with expectancy as the children sat in their seats.

“Well,” I asked my class, “anyone got anything to share from the weekend?” “Did you fill your…


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Becoming a teacher

It was a sad fact that, in the seven years I attended grammar school, I had never met another Mr. Jones. I never had another shared precious amber moment. I know now I should have raised my hand more often, I should have asked more questions, and I should have concentrated more and been a better student.

However, I had done enough, it appeared, to be on my way to becoming a teacher.

In September, 1960, I began my three-year-long college career in Leicester, an industrial…


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Mr. Jones..................the BEST teacher I can remember

On my very first morning in St. Paul’s School, after morning assembly in the small school hall, at twenty past nine precisely, Mr. Jones welcomed me to class. Then he adjusted his tie, buttoned the middle button of his green corduroy sports jacket, and selected an unused piece of white chalk from the cardboard box sitting on the rim of the blackboard. He looked up at the top left of the board, and, slowly, squeakily, wrote the day and the month, followed by the work of the day on the…


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Now that I've started, here's my BLOG plan ............

Started  20th  November
Using innate curiosity to build a learning community
Blog one
Thank you, Tiger
Blog two
In the beginning.          The Wishing Rock
Blog three
Miss  Harvey.        My first teacher's response to me finding amber
Blog four
Mr. Jones
Blog five
Grammar School and college
Blog six
The first Pocket…

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Miss Harvey sets me alight....she likes my discovery

On the day of my fifth birthday, Monday, July 14, a week before we broke up for the long summer holiday, I was really surprised when my dad, not my grandma, met me at the end of the school day. Dad had never picked me up from school before.


 He was in his driver’s uniform so I knew he’d come straight from work. My stomach turned over – was something wrong? Was Grandma ill? Or, Mum? Was she ok?


Standing by the rusty iron fence, Dad smiled when he saw some of…


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In the beginning

Now that I have blogged my first experience as a young, struggling teacher discovering the power of children's innate curiosity, I think it would be appropriate to reflect on my childhood. Where did my lifelong insatiable curiosity about the natural world - and how children learn best - come from?

Again, I'm going to use an extract from my recent book, Through My Eyes: On becoming a teacher, to explain where my curiosity was encouraged and…


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Thank you, Tiger.

                        Thank you, Tiger


I started teaching way back in the early 1960s. Well, teaching is, perhaps, too grand a word. It would be more honest to say that I began to be paid for standing daily in front of loads of bored adolescents, opening a well-thumbed science text book, and reading aloud. Then, scribbling science words on the blackboard to be copied by the kids into their science notebooks.


13- year-old…


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