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Gendered outdoor education: A load of Maloney

The nation’s favourite choir boy, Gareth Malone, returned to our screens to complete a new mission - decreasing the literacy gap between the sexes. To do so he has used the outdoors and a range of

unconventional teaching methods. Malone believes that school is not dynamic enough for boys and that by making lessons fun,…


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Fishing out the real 'Big Society' in Britain

Despite the Government’s best efforts to sugar coat the harsh reality of the country’s financial situation, the idea that the ‘Big Society’ will offer a meaningful solution is proving a bitter pill to swallow for many people. Only time will tell whether phrases such as “the Big Society - a smoke screen masking impending deep cuts” materialise into anything other than…


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Will UK Government funding cuts deny kids access to their natural heritage?

Another news bullet in about Government funding cuts pops up on my screen. This time it’s the Change4Life and Play England budgets that face the axe – a campaign and organisation that respectively centre on encouraging healthy lifestyles and children’s play. While I’m under no illusion about the dire state of the public finances and the need to cut necessary waste, the latest casualties concern me about what lies ahead for the future funding of the Learning Outside the Classroom… Continue

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A hop, skip and a jump towards getting more children outdoors

The UK Government have launched their plan for ‘Olympics style’ school games contests to introduce more children to the health and personal development benefits of competitive sport, backed by £10 million of National Lottery funding. I’m delighted; a renewed focus on young…


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Yet another survey highlighting our isolation from the great outdoors

How depressing it is to see another survey highlighting our growing isolation from the natural world (How we lost our way to the great outdoors, Harry Wallop, 9th June 2010, the DailyTelegraph). The findings of a survey conducted by outdoor equipment retailer Go Outdoors echo our research carried out among school… Continue

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Education top of the Bill for the UK Government

The new UK Government's proposed education legislation is a great opportunity to highlight the importance of outdoor learning in the curriculum.

In her speech, on the 26th May 2010, the Queen announced 22 pieces of legislation and one draft that will form the new Governments legislative agenda in this Parliamentary session. With all the splendour of the State Opening of Parliament out the way, its time for the Government to get down to business and to education looks set to be top of… Continue

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An entitlement to outdoor education in England a step closer

The last three months have been an exciting time for The Countryside Alliance Foundation’s outdoor education campaign, with us making significant steps forward in our aim to get outdoor education onto the National Curriculum.…


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