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A friendly encounter with a Canada Goose (or two!)

This photograph and story were sent to me by Wendy, a participant in one of our volunteer-led pilot programs. Thought I'd share it:…


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Mushrooms and relearning to look

I spotted this community editorial written by a local university student, and I thought it should be shared. I love that the author's friend made mushrooms out of clay and copper, and hid them around a campus building to "help people relearn to look." The author and his friend, like many of us, are aware of how society has lost touch with the environment and are sharing their concern through writing and art. Well done!…


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The National Parks Project

I'm very excited about an innovative project created by Parks Canada and Discovery World to recognize the 100th anniversary of Parks Canada. The National Parks Project sent 39 Canadian musicians and 13 filmmakers into 13 national parks to discover their incredible beauty and to celebrate it through film and music. I missed the first part, airing on DiscoveryWorld last night at 8 pm ET but hoping to catch the next episode, and happy that it's available online: …


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Prince Charles' book Harmony

The other day I happened to look in my wallet and spotted a gift certificate for our local independent bookstore. I walked by said store and there in the window was Prince Charles staring out at me from the cover of his book Harmony. I had to buy it, and wow, what a great read it's been! It's a brilliant look at present-day environmental issues as reflections of our disharmony with the natural world. It also looks back at early design and architecture, showing how inextricably connected they… Continue

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More on Slow Photography

For any of you who are looking for an approach to photography that focuses on slowing down and observing the natural world around us from a new perspective, Chris Orwig has a fantastic book called Visual Poetry (2010, New Riders). Freeman Patterson called photography the "art of seeing" and Dorothea Lange gave a wonderful description of  the camera as  "a tool for learning how to see without a camera".  Chris Orwig carries on where they left off, and provides a wonderful…


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Slow Photography

I always appreciate when friends send me links to articles relevant to our program, and to encouraging people to slow down and take notice of the world around us. This one was sent from a friend in Vancouver, and it resonates with our philosophy at Focus on Nature, and with the movement to nurture the child-nature connection. It's a reminder that when we're trying to engage kids (or adults) in exploring the natural world through photography, the focus should be on awakening their senses and…


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Indoor Parks?

Spotted this in Sunday's NY Times, and it introduced a slew of questions for me!

Your thoughts?

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