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Trail activity for kids: Rainbows

Using the colors of the rainbow, have children identify something they see along the trail that is a specific color; works best for young elementary-age kids. Materials: None needed. Ages 3-9.

Read about other day hiking activities with children in my guidebook Hikes with Tykes.

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Best maps to bring on day hike with children

What kind of map should you carry on a day hike with children?

For me, the answer always is more than one type.

I like road maps to show me how to get to the trailhead and printed guides to give me an overview of the trail's key points. I like a satellite pic to show me where to park and how to reach the trailhead, as they are not always easy to visually locate. I use topo maps to show me the trail and landmarks on the horizon I can see to help orient myself. With a yellow…


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Canteens needed even on day hikes to keep kids hydrated

Canteens or plastic bottles filled with water are vital for any hike, no matter how short the trail. You'll need to have enough of them to carry about 2 pints of water per person for every hour of hiking. If going into arid regions, you'll probably need more.

When looking for a canteen or a water bottle, make sure it seals tight and can be…


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Dress children for the weather when hiking

When hiking with children, always dress for the weather. For example, a light-colored and loose-fitting T-shirt is a must on hot, sunny summer days and in desert areas, a windbreaker a must in windy climes, and a water-resistant rain jacket in wet areas.

Some parents prefer to dress their kids in bright clothes on hikes, as they’re easier to…


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