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Go Wild!

Go wild. It's time. Summer vacation is in full swing at our house. With so much time together, occasionally, Stephen and Aurora get on each others nerves. One day last week, I heard one of the calls of summering children, "Stop it. Give it back. Don't." My reply was, "Please stop arguing. Pack some plastic containers into backpacks and get your bikes. We are going…


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A Bluebird For Millie

"I want to catch a bluebird for Millie," Stephen declared one day after school.

"Catching a bluebird might be tricky. Maybe you could help Millie create a bluebird environment at her house. If she's successful, a pair of bluebirds might move in, build a nest, and have a family right in Millie's backyard. Millie could watch their activity, learn about bluebirds, and…


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A New Puzzle in the Explorers' Classroom

A new rainforest puzzle was recently introduced to the Explorer classroom. One of the best parts of working in an educational environment is that something as simple as a new puzzle can inspire lots of learning and collaboration.

The long colorful puzzle features many exotic birds and animals that live in the rainforest.  As soon as the puzzle was completed, Ethan, one of the…


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Christmas 1994 to Christmas 2013

While looking through old photographs, I came across one that I had used for my Christmas card in 1994. My son William was two-years-old and in love with animals. He played with toy animals, we read stories about animals, and we visited animals at the Roger Williams Park Zoo all the time. In fact, for Christmas that year, we gave out gift certificates that read, "This…


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Take It Outside: Go Sledding

Snow on a Saturday—great! Who scheduled the recent snowstorm? My compliments. On Friday, we knew it was going to snow the next day. We cancelled our plans to travel and settled in for a day at home. No worries about piling up too many snow days that would force the kids to go to school until the end of June. Traveling to work wasn't a concern. I know, two Saturdays to go…


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One Step at a Time

The summit of Mount Monadnock was our goal on a sunny summer day. Friday night we camped at Monadnock State Park at the foot of this popular mountain. Monadnock is said to be the world's third most climbed mountain, behind Japan's Mount Fuji and China's Mount…


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Birds All Year Round

"Ann, I saw a tufted titmouse at my feeder this morning."

"I saw a red-bellied woodpecker at my suet feeder."

"I saw a red-tailed hawk in a tree."

"Me too."

This is how I am greeted at school each morning. Melissa and I are teaching the Explorers about birds and, wow, are they learning. In late October, we put a bird feeder in a classroom window. Tufted…


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As Winter Wanes

As winter wanes here are two books to put on the winter reading list for next year.

Earlier this winter, Jessica, our local librarian, visited the Explorer’s classroom. She always chooses fun, beautiful, interesting books that have a nature theme or are just off the presses.

Librarians are a great resource when looking for books to share with children.  And nature-based books provide a wonderful way to introduce and connect children to nature.

These are the…


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My New Year's Pledge

Just before Christmas, Aurora's Brownie Troop made coupons as Christmas gifts for their mothers and fathers. The coupons read:

  • This coupon entitles you to 1 big hug.
  • This coupon entitles you to 1 set table: knives, forks, spoons, napkins and even beverages.
  • This coupon entitles you to the last cookie, serving of ice cream, bit of chocolate milk,…

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Twas the Night Before Christmas

If a Christmas Tree Falls in the Woods...

Twas the night before Christmas, All the animals stood

In the crisp peaceful silence, Of their home in the wood.

The trees towered in might, Their branches did clatter,

As the squirrels come out, Of their nests, pitter patter.

The deer came together, they met, they communed

And from beyond the hilltop, rose the…


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Night Tree

Three years ago I was introduced to a wonderful holiday celebration. Stephen was attending a great preschool and the holiday season was approaching. Notices came home saying that a Winter Walk was planned and parents were invited to join in. During the weeks prior to the walk-date the children strung popcorn and cranberries, dried fruit slices, covered pinecones with peanut butter and…


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Amaryllis for the Holidays

Each year, I plant amaryllis bulbs for the holidays. I plant them for my house and for gifts. The recipients of these gifts vary, but their reaction to these gifts do not. All—family, friends, teachers, co-workers—who receive one of these dramatic plants are delighted and curious. There is something magical about a flower growing in the middle of winter. And there is something amazing…


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Raising a Citizen

African Cats is a documentary that was released by Disney Nature last year on Earth Day. It is a true story that features two star felines: Mara, a lion cub, and Sita, a cheetah mother of five. Both cats live on the Savannah in Africa.

The film has the dramatic power that comes from…


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Tune in to the Birds!

“Pay attention to the birds.” That is what I say to my children, my students, and visitors who come to Barking Frog Farm. There is a lot to see if you tune in to their activity. Watch for clues. During the day birds eat, look for new food sources, build and repair nests, patrol their area for predators that need to be chased away. In the spring, they also lay and protect eggs, feed…


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Every spring, I pass by yards full of daffodils and wish my yard was full of daffodils too. I especially like the way these bright spring flowers look scattered throughout a lawn or field. Last fall…

Every spring, I pass by yards full of daffodils and wish my yard was full of daffodils too. I especially like the way these bright spring flowers look scattered throughout a lawn or field.

Last fall I decided to buy and plant bulbs: daffodils, tulips, and crocuses. (…


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Follow or Chase?

I found myself having a familiar conversation the other day. At Schoolmates, we have a resident peacock. His name is Pickles. Pickles belongs to the farm behind the school and is free to roam. He often roams…


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The Owl Pellet

During a recent class hike to Berry Berry Island, I found an owl pellet on the side of the trail. I know a little bit about owl pellets and have heard stories of people finding owl pellets, but I had never seen one. What I saw on the ground was a dark gray felty-looking oval-shaped lump speckled with white shapes.

Ben, a boy in my class, was with me when I found the pellet. I…


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Wood Frogs Are Here!

We have been waiting and listening, waiting and listening. Each day as we walk to and from the bus, we—the kindergarteners and teachers— listen for an early spring sound. It is usually heard around St. Patrick’s Day, but with this mild winter, everything seems to be happening early. On Friday, March 9th, we heard it: a unique quacking sound coming…


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The Iguana's 3rd Eye

“Iguanas’ eyes can move in all directions,” a boy in my class announced when he arrived on a recent Monday. “Iguanas have three eyes: two on the sides of their heads and a third on top,” his mother clarified. Many in the class seemed interested in this fact, so we pulled out the library book that contained this fact and read about green…


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Intentions for the New Year

New Year's Day, a new beginning, a fresh start, a time of evaluation and resolutions. I recently wrote about New Year's pledges of conservation, awareness, protection and stewardship. Now, I am thinking about intentions—how and who I want to be as I walk upon this planet. Intentions are thoughts focused on images of how we want to be in each moment of our lives, today, right now.…


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