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TREES Workshop at The Cabin Path

It was a morning of showers, but a forecast of clearing skies. Our TREES Workshop began. We met in the Gathering Room to discuss some facts about trees, and then we hit the trails as the sun peaked through the clouds. We saw the damage from storms earlier this year. We…


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Another Archaeological DIG at The Cabin Path!

The Archaeological DIG a couple of weeks ago generated much interest around The Cabin Path's Groups (Yahoo Home School, Facebook, and Website) By request, the Summer Workshop kids wanted to have DIG of their own! Since the majority of this group were 4- 6 year olds, I needed to think of more activities! I knew that the actual "Dig" involved hard work...and this younger group's attention spans might not last. (and it was…


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Trees at The Cabin Path

A Tree Workshop with the Thursday Home School Group! (I took off last week to attend a retirement reception for my husband..36 years with Delta!) This week, we discussed trees and how to identify the different trees. Georgia has over 250 species of trees. One website, Native Trees of Georgia has a printable PDF that not only provides a sketch and description of the tree, but it also provides important…


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Archaeological Dig at The Cabin Path

The Cabin Path has many mysteries. Native American artifacts have been found here that include Mississippian pottery, rock tools, and arrowheads. Many times after a hard rain, the arrowhead points will simply "appear" on the top of the ground. I keep many of the artifacts in the Gathering Room for all to see and touch.…


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Journey Sticks at The Cabin Path

A workshop with the pre-school at the Waldorf School of Atlanta! Our day began with a discussion about our senses and the Journey Sticks that we use at The Cabin Path. The Journey Sticks are beaver chopped sticks covered with a brown lunch bag and a few nature provided materials and decorated to depict each of our 5 senses! They are carried on our trail walk and are held up when one of the senses is seen, heard, touched, tasted, or smelled. The sticks are…


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Fairy Magic at The Cabin Path

“Enchanted worlds still exist because the child within us never dies. The doorways may be more obscure, but we can still seek them out. There are still noble adventures to undertake. There are still trees that speak and caverns…


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Earth Day at The Cabin Path

Earth Day at The Cabin all day event! We began with a morning walk..listening to the songs of birds and frogs. We saw nesting geese and the Great Blue Heron. We looked for more wildflowers and identified more trees. We collected some leaves and sticks for an art project, and then we sat in the labyrinth cove and watched the rippling water and talked about what Earth Day meant to them .…


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The Cabin Path Thursday Home School Workshop "BIRDS"

Thursday Workshop...BIRDS!

Continuing our discussion about how everything in nature is connected, we started our trail walk looking for signs and sounds of birds. We saw nesting Canada geese, a Wood Duck in a hollow tree, a squawking soaring Red Tailed Hawk, a Nuthatch scouting a nesting place, and we stopped to hear the concert of a beautiful male Cardinal. With a threat of rain, the woods seemed to be filled with a chorus of hundreds of songs from…


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April Fool's Day!

April Fool's Day! What to do for the Thursday Homeschool Workshop? I decided to test their observation skills.... and have a little fun! I constructed a RARE WILDFLOWER, and I decided to "plant" it in the woods.

Because many of the families are on spring vacation, our groups was smaller than usual. To MY…


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The Cabin Path Workshop March 26

A cool, damp morning at The Cabin Path, but our workshopers arrived a little after 9 AM. After a short meeting in the Gathering Room to discuss the Great Alphabet Hunt, we started off on the trails in search of LETTERS in NATURE! (pic above, reflection of curved stick forms the letter "C")…


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The Cabin Path Workshops

I have been reading the blogs on the site and sharing concerns of many of the issues that we all seem to be facing!

I have a place (my backyard! 52 acres) near Atlanta, Ga, The Cabin Path. We have a lake, log cabin, walking trails, a labyrinth, and a Native American rock circle and NA trees. I have been…


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The Cabin Path Home School Workshop

Thursday, I resumed workshops at The Cabin Path...including the Home School Workshop Thursdays. It's been a long winter. Late last fall, I lost my only sister to ovarian cancer. I stayed with her and her husband that last month when she went home under Hospice. I had cancelled all of my busiest time with Native American units, and pioneer days at the log cabin. I also cancelled the Thanksgiving Cabin…


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Wilderness Works, an Amazing Organization in Atlanta

Yesterday, a new visitor and new friend to The Cabin Path! Bill Mickler of Wilderness Works contacted me about bringing some groups out for workshops. His work is amazing! While walking our trails, he told me that he grew up watching "Daniel Boone" on tv, and he always wanted to be like him! I think he has achieved his dream! A different time, and different circumstances, but he is truly a trailblazer! He and his group are taking the… Continue

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Atlanta's 2009 Cox Conserves Hero, Don Wells

Don Wells and his wife, Diane, visited The Cabin Path awhile back. He documented our Signal Tree, and he also told us that he believed our large, twisted pine tree was a Native American Prayer Tree! I started following his group, the Mountain Stewards. They have researched Native American trails and trees and helped to preserve history.

Don just received a well deserved award. The Cox Conserves Hero Award. It was given for another project..… Continue

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