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The Farewell Season

I found it this year, the farewell season.  Fumbling toward spring I happened upon it. The moment…the moment where we turn our face from winter. Hunched and pinched, we turn, we straighten.  We notice light, growth and in the past, I have run to spring. Spring with her open, crocus filled arms teaming with new life.  Here, we drag ourselves across the winter finish line,…


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Ice Fishing: Resolutions and Realizations

There are lists everywhere in our house.  Grocery lists, honey-do lists, the lists go on…  And this is where my husband and I found ourselves on New Year’s day, creating another list.  Not an exciting list, not a bucket list or list of our favorite things, as usual, this list consisted of chores and mundane must do’s.  All the “shoulds” lined up in a neat row waiting to be anointed with a holy “you are a good person” check mark.  So, I am sure you can imagine my relief when Matt Polstein…


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Remembering Roots

Any Mainer knows that tanning is a lofty endeavor. However, futile as it maybe, I found myself this morning trying to attain that sun kissed glow on a logging road in northern Maine. It seemed the perfect plan. I need to prepare for my upcoming nuptial. The dress is strapless and I am the queen of the farmer’s tan. I also needed to walk my dogs, so two birds with one stone, right? Wrong! In my attempt to be efficient, all I returned with was a number of deer fly welts in places they should…


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Wild Child

Bloodsuckers, fart putty, and Oreos-are not typical items we associate with wilderness adventure. In my mind, wilderness adventure is technical and requires you know how to tie really good knots, knots that hold and are “unknottable”. When I think about wilderness adventure I envision crampons, harnesses and grizzly bears. I see white water, webbing and maps. I know instinctively that it is not for the faint of heart because I recognize that wilderness has no bounds and adventure seeks to…


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Eighth Intelligence

I saw today a very rare and coveted sight. One that some people fear maybe vanishing from our towns, cities and even countryside; a most elusive species which is in danger of losing its spirit to the TV, computer and mass media. You maybe wondering where this sighting occurred and what species I spied...a child in the woods, actually three. Three children in the woods, on a trail, headed to the ice caves with…


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