Earlier this month we launched our new website and free iPhone app. It focuses for the moment on London (where we have 1,000+ risk checked missions), but many of these missions can easily be transfered to where you are. Once more we have 20+ 'anywhere' missions that you can complete and map. Here are 10 of these missions and I would love to know what you think of them. You will see that on the site we offer a little 'geography' background and tips for each mission.

1. Go on an urban safari

Get on a bus and go on a wildlife safari in the urban jungle. Photograph any animals you see. They can be real, named or imagined.

2. See the wild

Photograph places where the 'wild' is taking over from 'civilization'.

3. Memory box

Get a lunch box, a shoe box or a burger box and fill it with things which will help you remember a place.

4. Cross a place

Cross a place: walk, step, tread, pace, stride, strut, tiptoe, trip, skip, dance, leap, lumber, stamp, tramp, toddle, stagger, lurch, reel, stumble, limp, hobble, waddle, shuffle, shamble, dawdle...

5. Flat climbing

Climb a flat horizontal surface. Be careful you don't fall off!

6. Route to your heart

Your body and your emotions can both be mapped. Make a map to show someone you like the route to your heart.

7. See like a worm

Create a worm's eye view and a bird's eye view of the same place.

8. Graph sound

Graph how sound changes here on a till roll or long piece of paper. Draw peaks when volumes increase and troughs when it lowers. Add labels or drawings to show key events on this sonic timeline.

9. Graffiti story

Make a list of the words you find written in graffiti around here. Use the words to inspire you and write a story about the area.

10. Antenna walk

Create an antenna hat. Walk towards things you are attracted to and away from those that repel you.

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