The nature of mud. Mud was mud for touching and that’s just what you’ll do.One of these days this mud is going to be smeared all over you. Mud blurs the lines between the definition of a solid and a …

The nature of mud.

Mud was mud for touching and that’s just what you’ll do.One of these days this mud is going to be smeared all over you. Mud blurs the lines between the definition of a solid and a liquid. It’s half way between a solid and a liquid so it’s not one or the other, it’s both .It’s also clean and dirty at the same time because people pay to have mud facials and mud baths to draw out toxins to clean out their pores, exfoliate and detoxify their skin, yet it’s one of the dirtiest things that can make you dirty that you can easily wash off your skin to feel clean. It’s one of the best things to clean skin with and one of the dirtiest things to dirty clothes with and while mud may be one of the major underlying reasons behind the laundry detergent industry’s profits, mud’s true purpose is to touch. Mud was made for touching and children most easily make this most obvious. Children are better at exposing mud’s true purpose because they are not as good at hiding it. When two or more children are gathered in the name of mud through the sense of touch, the joy factor is increased exponentially. The fun generated by two children playing in mud is more than twice that of one child. Once you see a pack of wild children playing in mud, mud’s purpose becomes very clear. Mud was made for touching and that’s just what you’ll do. Then sooner or later the mud is gunna be smeared all over you. First you’ll want to touch it with your finger, then you’ll want to make a little blob and hold it in your hands. Often that’s as far as we go, but if a mud enabler is in our midst and gives us permission to go further, then we”ll never regret it. Going further with mud is always viewed as the right decision especially in hindsight, as is going all the way. By going further I mean like taking off your socks and shoes and stepping in the mud and feeling it squish between your toes, and by going all the way I mean everything up to rolling around in it, to covering your whole body with it to being buried in it or submerging yourself in it (depending upon how watery it is). This holds true while the weather is warm. In the winter time mud is not viewed so friendly. Cold weather mud most often compounds the discomfort of the cold winter weather. Some people mistakenly transfer their winter fear of mud over into a fear of mud during the warmer seasons which is wrong. Cool mud during the hot summer time can create great relief. Rolling around like a pig in mud during the summer time feels very good.  Mud blurs the lines between acceptable human behavior and that of animals. Despite our best efforts to believe otherwise, humans are animals and when two or more humans are gathered in and covered in mud there are greater feelings of equanimity and humility because mud is an equalizer. For example it might feel awkward pulling rank when covered in mud in a mud pit. Most people, if given the right chance, in the right context will love touching mud. Once you touch mud it becomes obvious that mud was made for touching. If a sunset or a rainbow is eye candy, then mud is skin candy. Mud and skin are like fresh fruits and taste buds, like babies mouths and mothers nipples. Because mud is skin candy it also makes it a unique kind of joy conductor because of the pleasure receptors in our skin and the large amount of surface area of skin on each human’s body. And since touch is more tangible than sight, it’s easier to gauge the effects of touching mud than other beautiful things and if you could touch and feel rainbows and sunsets then I wouldn't have an argument. I’m not saying mud is better than rainbows or sunsets but I am saying that mud can cover all of your physical body whereas rainbows and sunsets cant. 

Mud is very plentiful and so the potential for mud to increase and expand humanities’ capacity for fun and playful pleasure is immense. Whereas the cost of real estate along the coastal areas of many places around the world has limited swimming in natural ocean water bodies, the same does not hold true for mud. Mud is more plentiful than coastal waters and so mud offers the promise of beach type fun to all and without the fear of drowning. The amount of subsoil that could be turned into mud is so huge that it’s safe to say that there is an unlimited amount of mud available for human consumption well into the long range future.Mud also has an noticeable blurring effect on the spoken word of language . It makes people say words that aren’t really words like in America we say ewwwwww and in Australia we say errhhh, other nationalities say oooohhhh, or ahhhhhhh. Children all around the world do that high pitch squealing thing that adults cant do…eeeeee, Then you’ve got various words of varying validity that are used to describe mud which include your yuck, yucky, icky, ick, gooey, gloopy, gloppy, sloppy, slimy squishy, squashy, gross and disgusting,Regardless of the words or non words that come out of people’s mouths, there is something about mud that people like, despite everything that our parents told us about it and continue to tell us. No matter how much they tell us to hate it, once we’re in it’s presence, all we can do is love it.

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