A Year Long Nature Comparison Between Hemispheres

For all of 2010, on my blog, Seasons South and North, I posted a monthly observation guide comparing the nature of a place in the northern hemisphere - Britain - with a place in the southern hemisphere - the Atlantic Rainforest of Brazil. I have gathered all of the posts together into one document and offer it here (as a link, I am afraid, as I could not manage to upload it here) to any who may find it useful:


South-North Nature Observation


It includes a nature observation chart that can be adapted to use either for one location or in comparing two. It also includes some suggestions such as creating a south-north nature table. I have used the ideas in my work as a children's librarian and I hope that it will help others as a tool in teaching children more about the seasons and the changes in nature as they occur simultaneously in the northern and southern hemispheres.


Your comments would be most welcome.


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Comment by Randy Eady on March 7, 2011 at 10:15pm

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