After watching the film, “Baraka,” what struck the most was how many cultures make the environment apart of who they are.  If they were to be measured for their ecological footprint it would be very small.  Their population seemed rather small, they consumed very little, and technology was out of the question.  Due to tradition, and probably economic factors they could not get any high tech.  However, even though they are poor; they can survive.


 We look at our society now.  The environment almost seems cheap to the richer societies.  We are less engaged with it and we just keep blowing up mountains, and cutting down trees, without even considering the affect we are making.  Here we have this technology and many of us aren’t even using it for good.   As our society grows, we need more space.  The only way for us to get more space is by either destroying the environment or kicking out a smaller/weaker community.  We are forgetting that these people have adapted to their environment and if we change it too much they cannot survive.  We may not think we are endangering our own species, but we are! 


We have a gift, which animals and plants do not have, and that’s intelligence.  We determine if an animal or plant survives or dies.  We are so over focused with our economy.  We just need to produce.  It doesn’t matter who or what we affecting.  We are just going and going without stopping and thinking about what we are doing.  No one really walks anymore.  We have cars, trains, or even bikes to go anywhere.  Nature has its course, and we are speeding up.  It shouldn’t surprise you that some environmentalists are panicking.  Isn’t it possible that we are focusing too much on one principle and not the whole?  We’ve got people living on the streets.  We’ve got animals coming into our space, because their space was destroyed.  What happened to the idea of sustainable development?  Would you say we are even close?  Well, the answer is definitely No! 


Wake up!!! When you wake up can you hear the sound of bird, wind, or even the sound of a brook?  No, you are hearing the sound of airplanes, cars, man-made sounds!  Can you smell the grass, flowers, or even the smell of the rain?  No, you are smelling smoke and man-made chemicals!  If you had a choice between going out into the rain forest or the mall which would you pick?  Thankfully some people are trying to make a difference, but it’ll never be enough until we have everyone on board about this issue.

It may surprise you, but if we go back in time we can see how much the environment aided us; and still does.  Why would you want to let that all go?  Look!  This world is a beautiful gift!  Why mistreat it? 


Watching this movie show us the change we’ve made.  It shows that we are not just hurting the environment, but ourselves.  Well that can change.  How you may ask?  The answer is simple.  We need to change.  How?  The first to step to any issue is to accept that there is an issue.  Next, find how we can improve.  Right now we are making some improvements, but don’t let those little things we’ve done stop us.  We go on and on.  We created this mess.  We fix it!  Now, of course we can’t put every animal or plant back on the Earth, but we can prevent other animals or plants from being extinct.  Sustainable Development is not just a wish or dream; it is a reality and we can do it! 




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