Berry Picking Expedition

The Little Bear and I just got back from our first mini berry picking expedition of the season. Late summer, early fall - August is time for harvesting berries in Alaska. The variety is wide salmonberry, cloudberry, low bush and high bush blueberry, ligon berry, raspberry, strawberry, high bush and low bush cranberry, currants... the list goes on. The short little berry picker in our house has decided the fate of this first batch of berries... cupcakes! You typically find highbush bluberries is boggy areas around natural water drainages. That is where we found ours today.

I harbor an especially strong affinity for blueberries. Being 1/4 Finnish, blueberries hold a rather sacred place in that culture and my family.

What edible things grow wild in your neck of the woods? When do you harvest them?

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