This is my 100th post. I have been anticipating this milestone for a long time. As I wondered about the 100th post and possible topics, my mind would fill with ideas. I wanted it to be moving, meaningful, and inspiring. The 100th post idea started to develop a pressure-filled voice of its own. "It's got to be big—balloon-big, band-big, knock-their-socks-off meaningful. This type of voice can stop all forward motion. Ideas can get so big they leave the realm of reality and attainability.

Luckily, before this could happen, my brother, David, gave me a gift—a fun, loving, knock-your-socks-off meaningful gift, that also provided me with my 100th post. Thanks, David.

The gift is a large green ceramic frog—a garden frog, a Barking Frog Farm frog. He looks to be the perfect mascot for this place I call home and the ideas I share with all who will listen. David bought this incredible frog at Ten Thousand Villages, a fair trade retailer that "provides sustainable economic opportunities for artisans in developing countries." A wonderful shop and company. Check them out.

So, this new resident of Barking Frog Farm needs a name, and I would like some help with naming him or her. Take a look at the photos in this post, maybe his or her personality will shine through and a name will come to mind. I'd love to hear from you. You can post name suggestions in the comment area of this blog, on Facebook, or email me at Here are some pictures to help you get to know this frog.

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