"Down to Earth" Foot Whispering in Holland and Germany

The Foot Whisperer & Therapeutic Gardens:  Holland & Germany

Every 10 yrs Venlo (located on the German border and not so far from the Netherlands' border with Belgium) turns 163 acres of land into themed parks.  The Floridea Festival features daily educational activities & is a perfect place to bring children.

This year The Foot Whisperer sets up in his Feel Good Garden Enhancement and invites multi-generational audiences to experience nature in a unique way (doing barefoot-health focused sessions) to enhance the natural garden enjoyment via the body’s antennae:  the feet.    Participants take a leading role alongside nature & experience this energetic garden ~~ designed in appreciation of the vitality & aura that play a large part in creating an atmosphere for feeling & healing and contribute data to the subsequent presentation at the "Plants, Play and Place” August session of the International Geographical Congress (IGC) meeting sponsored by the University of Cologne, Germany.

This Congress is about bringing research “Down to Earth” thereby contributing to the solutions of urgent scientific and socio-political issues such as:  Green Environments as a Contribution to Child Healthy Development:  Plants, Play and Place.

Relax & Heal

In Venlo, a stunning Oriental garden offers a peaceful atmosphere through its healing herbs, tea rituals, a barefoot path and spa-like ambience.

To learn more about therapeutic garden design concepts consult:   Creating Therapeutic Gardens


or check out:  http://www.floriade.com/visit-floriade/floriade-kids

Floriade Kids Expedition

Besides the Bare~Foot Path, children can discover five worlds of horticulture (the five theme worlds) by going on an expedition around the grounds.  Children up to age 12 are given an expedition guide booklet at the entrance.  This expedition guide lists all the activities for children.  In it you’ll find details of all the playgrounds, The Willowman, the Cultural Heritage route, an animal route and all the participants (including The Foot Whisperer) offering activities for children.  The expedition guide also contains questions for the children to answer and assignments for them to perform.



Randy Eady (aka The Foot Whisperer), a balance and movement disorder rehabilitation specialist, former Professor and Course Chair @ the USAF Academy was awarded the Academy’s “Outstanding Behavioral Science Instructor Award” for innovative/creative treatment with behavioral approaches to trauma recovery.  He’s created numerous therapeutic gardens and worked in residential assisted-living treatment facilities.  He treats (and speaks/writes) on a variety of Inter-generational Mind/Body/Spirit, animal-assisted and nature therapy topics.

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Comment by Randy Eady on July 4, 2012 at 2:07am

This image shows the takefumi tiles and the ashiyu foot-soak basin.  You can see the takefumi in action at this CN&N post:  http://childrenandnature.ning.com/profiles/blogs/intergrating-natur...

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