Dress children for the weather when hiking

When hiking with children, always dress for the weather. For example, a light-colored and loose-fitting T-shirt is a must on hot, sunny summer days and in desert areas, a windbreaker a must in windy climes, and a water-resistant rain jacket in wet areas.

Some parents prefer to dress their kids in bright clothes on hikes, as they’re easier to spot should they become lost or get injured and can’t respond to your calls. Not all parents feel that way, though. Julio S., of Austin, Texas, remarks, “As I hike with just my daughter, backpacking and she’s never out of my sight, I prefer to dress her in earth-tones – greens, beiges, tan, browns. Looking at a kid wearing pink or hunter orange in the wilds is an intrusion upon my enjoyment of nature.”

Read more about day hiking with children in my guidebook "Hikes with Tykes".

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