Feed the Birds: easy, little-kid plan for home or school

An essay about how one seed and one hummingbird feeder can change the world.   The two types of feeders spark the kind of observation that leads to discussions about bill adaptations, habits and foods; and can invite a child into the process of creating an ecologically-friendly habitat.

"It's mid-May and Spring has already started to look like Summer.  There is no lack of natural foodstuff for birds on the ground, in the air, on leaves and trees.  But twice a week, I take a bag of black oil sunflower to my son's preschool.  It might seem odd that I keep shelling out the big bucks for top-quality black-oil sunflower seed despite the seasonal plenty at hand (at beak).  But then again, Spring migration only just peaked, and Nashville has visitors who have come a long, long way,travelers who need to replenish body fat, establish territory, court, mate, build nests, raise young, evade predators. Our year-round residents are busy doing the same things without having flown so far, but they all need energy, lots of it, and I don't mind easing the tough, short life of a bird just a bit..."

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