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From the Top of North America - One Dad's Climb Up Denali

My husband left to climb Denali (Mt. McKinley), North America's tallest peak, yesterday. It is an amazing experience for our 2.25 year-old son to be part of the preparation process for such an exciting life adventure that his "Bop" is setting out on. I'll be updating our family's blog: Two and a Half in a Blue Cataraft, almost daily as the Papa Bear calls in via satellite phone.

From Base Camp to Camp 1

Team called in today at noon. They arrived at base camp around 6:30 pm last night via K2Aviation. They made their way up to Camp 1 @ 7,800 ft. last night arriving at 3am. They set up camp and made dinner by 4am. They plan on doing their moving up the mountain at night when the sun is lower on the horizon and the temps are cooler. Said it was beautiful and can see all the peaks around them. They'll call when they make it to the next camp.

You can check on the weather on the mountain by clicking this link: Denali Weather Forcast.

Found this pic at http://integralgis.files.wordpress.com/2010/06/denaliroutemap_new.jpg.


The Climbing Team
Our Family

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