Funding Summer Environmental Education Programs

I have a passion for the environment and children in small rural towns who are geographically isolated from out-of-school enrichment programs. Consequently, I started my own environmental outreach organization, Prairie Hope. While it has been a challenge to find ways to be accepted into these communities, I think I have finally found a start.

Within the context of their Summer Reading Program, I use children's literature as a springboard for Prairie Hope's EE programs. The marriage of literature and science allow me as an educator to address both Prairie Hope and the library's objectives. So now I am hoping I will be invited to provide EE enrichment programs, within the summer reading programs, to several neighboring communities next summer.

At the present I provide my own resources and I am not compensated for my time or expenses. However, I will need greater resources in order to reach more children in the surrounding communities. Does anyone have any suggestions for funding?

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