Why I felt compelled to start up this organization: Like so many, I have been connecting children with nature for most of my adult life but it wasn't until several months ago that it really hit me how catastrophic the disconnection between children and nature had become and the consequences it has brought about. My heart sank when I read that children spend 90% of their time INDOORS. As a mother and a naturalist this disturbed me deeply. I belief that we can change, the time is right, to reverse the time children spend indoors.

Let's Go Outside Revolution

The Let's Go Outside Revolution is about growing a generation of Happy Healthy Children by changing the way children spend their time. It's a movement for you, your family and your community. If you care about your children and their future and the planets future, take this revolution and make it your own.

PLEASE HELP BY VOTING for the "Let's Go Outside" Revolution:


It is time to ask children what they want!


By making small changes-magical things happen!


Dear Ms. Hughes:

"Congratulations.  This is the kind of initiative that should be occurring across Canada.  I support the Young Naturalists and Boy Scouts for the same reason.  I tell the story that when I was growing up in the 1950’s, six of us lived in a house of less than 1000 sq. ft. and my parents were always telling me to go outside and play.  Now we do the opposite".

Go for it.

David Suzuki


The Let's Go Outside Revolution is a non-profit organization run by a group of enthusiastic parents, teachers and individuals who believe that the time has come... for change.

Our Goals:

  • To produce a DVD full of fun, educational activities inspiring children and their parents, teachers and their pupils to head outdoors to help you connect your children with nature.
  • To provide an online and offline resource of information on how to actively engage children in the outdoors. A resource for parents, children and educators.
  • Using the Okanagan (and Vancouver) as the “Let’s Go Outside” Revolution blueprint for other Provinces to follow.

Our mission:

To actively engage children with nature and reverse the time they spend indoors.

  • Children spend 90% of their time INDOORS.
  • Childhood OBESITY is an EPIDEMIC
  • Children aged 8-18yrs spend more than 7 hours a day in front of a screen.
  • 1 in 3 children in Canada are either obese or overweight. ADHD and other stress-related illnesses are at an all time high.


PLEASE HELP BY VOTING for the "Let's Go Outside" Revolution:

Watch the video:

We are currently building a network of educators, parents, politicians and organizations who have the same passion for getting kids outdoors. We believe if we inspire a love for nature in a child, it will lead to a desire to protect it.

  • We are hoping to produce a 1000 DVDs full of fun, educational activities and resources - the ABCs of actively engaging children with nature.
  • To inspire 30,000 Canadian children to participate in the “Let’s Go Outside” Revolution: we wish to inspire children and their parents and teachers and their students, to head outdoors and discover the magic of the natural world.
  • The DVDs will be filmed in the beautiful wilderness of British Columbia which is one of the most biologically diverse provinces in Canada. The DVDs and accompanying worksheets will be distributed free of charge to every school throughout BC. Local children will then benefit from hands-on community-based projects.


Here are just a few of the exciting activities that will feature in the DVD.

*     How to create your very own organic, sustainable vegetable garden and herb pots.
*     Discover some of British Columbia’s awesome Wildlife
*     How to encourage birds and wildlife to your own backyard
*     Learn by embracing wisdom from diverse cultures eg: First Nations (Example: construct tepee for play)
*     Environmentally friendly nature based arts and crafts
*     Learn poetry under the trees.
*     Draw in the orchard.
*     Visits to farms where eggs come from and honey comes from.
*     Interviews with park and forest rangers, conservationists, butterfly experts.
*     How to organize trail walks, how to encourage bird-watching, rock-hunting, star-gazing, night walks & cycling.

Local children, schools, families, politicians and businesses will have their input into the video series.


I am a proud member of the children and nature network . This fabulous organization will be celebrating their  "Let's Go" campaign in April. Let’s G.O.! is a youth-inspired, youth-led Children & Nature Network initiative to rally people of all ages to Play, Serve and Celebrate.  Our "Lets Go Outside" Revolution launch party is one of the events taking place for this wonderful campaign. (The Let's Go Outside Revolution Beach Party is on 15th April).

The Let's Go outside Revolution launches 8th April.


lets go outside revolution badge

Thank you for your support. THIS IS YOUR REVOLUTION!!! Working Together for a better future!

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Comment by Marghanita Hughes on March 3, 2011 at 1:06pm
Hi Suz, thank you so much. I am filled with so much hope and optimism about the future knowing so many care. The "Lets Go" movement will hopefully inspire everyone to make every month a Lets Go month. To make every day a lets go day so that eventually, being outside becomes part of their every day life. Super excited about all the wonderful work you and all the other members of the Children and Nature network are doing.......Here's to getting kids outside!!! Here's to Revolution!!!
Comment by Suz Lipman on March 3, 2011 at 12:27pm
Hi Marghanita! I love what you're doing. You bring so much energy and inspiration to the movement. I look forward to a fabulous Let's G.O. month and much more as we get more children into nature and make nature a bigger part of more lives. Cheers to you!

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