Keeping the Enchantment of Childhood Alive

If you answer YES to all of these questions you may wish to join this amazing journey in helping to grow "The Garden of Love"

1. Do you wish to help keep the enchantment of childhood alive?


2. Do you believe that picture books and telling stories are important in a child’s life?


3. Do you care about the future of our Natural World?


4. Do you believe in nurturing compassion, love, truth, respect and peace in our children?

I invite you to participate in creating “The Garden of Love”

 The Garden: "Memories are seeds. When I was a boy, the good times in my family were, more often than not, associated with nature - fishing trips, discovered snakes and captured frogs, with dark water touched by stars." - From Richard Louv's latest masterpiece - "The Nature Principle" 


So many have forgotten and have become too busy. Too busy to listen to the birds singing; too busy to stop and smell the sweet perfumed flowers; too busy to touch and feel the softness and warmth of the earth beneath their bare feet; too busy to simply take a moment to just breath a deep breath of happiness.

This book reminds us that we are still nature for all our sophistication, that we are still wild, and the recovery of that vitality will itself set us right in the world.

I believe that every child has the right to experience the wonder and awe of the natural world. Every child should be given the opportunity to dance amongst the dandelions; chase butterflies and make mudpies; sing with the birds and run wild and free in nature –Grow, nurture and taste their own vegetables. Be allowed to express themselves creatively through art. These basic and essential experiences should not be a privilege. They are part of childhood. 

I invite you to share your childhood memories and help nurture a deep love and respect for our beautiful and enchanting Mother Earth.

Garden of Love Book project

Helping to Keep the Enchantment of Childhood Alive! 

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Comment by Suz Lipman on August 14, 2013 at 8:26am

Beautiful, Marghanita! Thank you for sharing this with us. Best of luck with your project!

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