Leave behind an emergency information sheet when day hiking with kids

Leave an emergency information sheet for each person going on the hike. Information on it should include medical conditions, insurance numbers, allergies, blood type, and emergency contact information. If you or one of the children should be injured, this is information that emergency responders, rescuers and medical personnel can use.

You might also leave a hiker’s safety form on the dashboard of your vehicle. When rangers pass your vehicle and see it, they’ll be able to read it and see if you are late in arriving.

The downside of the safety form is it also lets criminals know how long you’ll be gone, giving them ample opportunity to search through your vehicle after breaking in.

But if crime is not an issue at the park or area you’re heading into, use the safety form so long as children are with you. Check with rangers or local law enforcement to see if break-ins are a problem where you plan to hike.

Read more about day hiking with children in my guidebook Hikes with Tykes.

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