We know that outdoor play is good for children. We also know that outdoor play is being eroded. The reasons for this erosion are complex and vary from family to family and street to street. One thing that is certain is that many communities have very real concerns about the safety and wellbeing of their children, as well as the feelings of their neighbours.

Recent research from Play England this month found that:

  • - 1 in 3 (37%) parents are concerned they will be judged by their neighbours if they let their children play out unsupervised
  • - over a quarter of children (28%) say that, when they are playing, adults tend to think they’re up to no good
  • - more than half (55%) of parents worry that the noise of their children playing outside will upset their neighbours

The reality is that outdoor play is good not only for the physical and mental health of children, but also of that of the wider community.

We have just launched a new campaign and website that aims to address these issues by visibly showing support for outdoor play. Our main action is to organise the printing and distribution of stickers. These may seem like a small thing to do, but many conflicts and misunderstandings originate from a lack of communication. Simply putting up a sticker shows your support for outdoor play, but canvassing houses on your street or in your wider community may start deeper conversations.

The logo is available for free for non-commercial use.. so print, copy, share and adapt at will!

We are currently seeking a wide base of supporters ahead of our public launch on the 14th of September. To add your name our organisation please visit www.loveoutdoorplay.net where you can also help to crowd fund stickers.

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