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Knowing "it's extremely important to have a film depict more about the depth of how interconnected we are with everything around us" is filmmaker Sylvie Rokab's underscore of the theme of Love Thy Nature.

The documentary uses a transformative journey of the disembodied narrator (Liam Neeson) from cynic to enlivened advocate to make this point. Sapien, as the voiceover of humankind is known, begins to fill the blank space that represents the "root cause" of our climate change crisis: a profound disenfranchising with nature and our place in the unified framework of the earth's sustainable ecology.

As the beauty and intimacy of our relationship with the natural world becomes more informed by compelling insights (revealed in many instances by the advance of technology), Sapien perceives the primal communing with nature -- as the genesis of a new human evolution.

P.S. - I recently featured biomimical principles traced in this documentary to show how lessons learned from movement and balance in nature (paradoxical illustration of squirrels and herons) can help people with profound balance and movement disorders regain and sustain equilibrium. See: https://www.academia.edu/5304107/Preponderance_of_Balance

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