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One way to celebrate our connection with nature and to create and celebrate our own connection to each other is by way of music. We always sing in our programs with the Vashon Wilderness Program. Today, though, was a "Community & Ecology" day in our summer camp for 4-6 year olds. At one point along the trail, we picked up sticks, tapping them together. We sang "The Earth Is Our Mother" and other songs as we wandered along, and we paused to explore the sounds of the different trees, gently drumming on their trunks.

At one point we paused to improvise a "Raven song", listening for the language of the ravens and creating two simple phrases for two groups to sing (assisted by our apprentices). With drummers and singers, and one instructor taking a raven song solo, we performed a whole song to the trees, and took a bow at the end. We think the forest enjoyed it.

Next time you're in nature with kids, try improvising and creating some simple music inspired by nature. So much fun!

I'd love to hear how you create music with kids in nature! Please share your own magical musical tale.

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