Nature + Pictures + Sharing = Connecting to Creation and Others

Creating a better world begins when we recognize that we all share an amazing life on a planet filled with miracles. All it takes is going outside. Imagine this: everyone goes outside at the same time, sees the beauty of our planet, 

feels at peace and gratitude during this moment. It is not a newsworthy event, or is it?  Is world peace newsworthy? Absolutely!

If everyone (or at least most everyone) at the same time enjoyed this precious moment, then only peace, joy, and love could inhabit that space and time. Negative events would cease. We would just need to calculate when. I propose setting the first event at 8:00 A.M. EDT and then times after that could be in each time zone at a specific time. Everyone goes outside, enjoys a few moments, and all is well.

What if we taught our children to do this? What if it was just as important to schedule that outdoor appreciation time as it was to schedule homework, ball practice, or dance class? When we teach our children to make outside time a part of their lives, we give them the best gift at no cost. Then before we know it, they will take the practice into their adulthood and teach it to their children.

What if we take a picture to capture our peace? What if everyone were to snap and share a nature pictures every day, and the recipients shared these and took and shared their own?  

Answer:  We would take over social media with the beauty in our

 world and increase appreciation for this amazing earth. These would take over the posts that create negative energy, thoughts, and actions.  When people feel peaceful, our world responds. We would promote world peace by thanking our natural world and spreading the joy it brings. Negativity gets ignored; positivity gets results and attention.

I invite you all to keep your cameras handy, take the hand of another, and go for a walk, point to a piece of nature that captures your attention, and take photos of those connections with nature. Share them in conversation and social media posts for others to enjoy, too. If you want, share some of your nature pics  and writing inspired by the scenes in the comments below. 

Put down the phone.

Take the hand of a loved one.

Go outside.

Take a walk.

Notice Nature.

Admire it.

Thank it.

Photograph it.

Talk about it.

Connect to each other.

Feel peace.

Feel joy.

Feel love.

Here are pictures from my yard and neighborhood. They are examples of beauty of the moment captured. They are not professional; they are taken with an iPhone. Pictures and moments do not have to be "professional" quality to be meaningful. If your camera is handy, and you are in awe of creation, take that picture. Share it. Bring beauty, joy, and peace into the lives of others. Simple appreciation makes the world a better place.


    Fog over the water at sunrise                                           Midday storm approaches

Critter Communities

Our neighborhood under the rainbow

A panoramic pic of our backyard at sunset

Another beautiful neighborhood sunset

A Full Moon amidst a beautiful cloudy night

One can make memories and take nature pics at any time of the day. If you feel the beauty, capture the picture. With that being said, if the camera is not handy, stay with the beauty, imprint it in your memory, then either illustrate it, paint it, or write about it. Just don't lose the experience while in search for the camera. Stay with it; remain outside in that beautiful moment. Expression can take place later and still capture the peace felt.


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