When we launched our statewide campaign for afterschool programs, Celebrate Afterschool! Outdoors in the Garden State we:
First, hosted a launch at our Annual Statewide Afterschool Conference in November . we partnered with NJDEP, Gov Commission on Environmental Education, the Sec. of State's office and the Association of NJ Environmental Educators. At this Annual conference 1/3 of the workshops were provided by our partners.
We provided training all year with strong outdoors and nature based activities ! Also connecting programs directly with nature based organizations in their communities.
Third: An Activity Guide was developed with simple activities see: http://www.njsacc.org/pdfs/activities-color.pdf

This Activity Guide also was presented in workshops -and walk thru via conference call.
Then an Event Guide was developed and we actually had amazing press. Including TV coverage in Philadelphia, PA.
Check out this link to our Tool KIt: http://www.njsacc.org/pdfs/events-color.pdf

I think an important piece was the hosted web/conference calls where programs were walked thru the Event Kit and they were given feed back on their launch events!
Our PSA is show statewide, and in NYC and Philadelphia.
We are keeping the campaign going ...slow to grow! But all new gardens are , here in the Garden State!

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Comment by John Thielbahr on September 21, 2009 at 9:15am
This is a wonderful example of executing an initiative from top to bottom. I am especially impressed with the training component to imbed the new knowledge and skills that you want people to implement. It is true that some people will embrace new concepts immediately and run with them. There are others, however, who need some guidance and gentle nudging. Providing training does that, as well as provide mentors and coaches to help implement. As we get deeper into our thinking about launching a "Natural Teachers Network," I suspect professional development training will be something we need to address with this audience so we help with the "how" as well as the "why" and the "what." I would value your help with this. Keep up the great work. Very impressive. jt

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