I am moving house at TheNatureSchool to its own domain. You can see my most recent post, a lesson that you can use as a home school acitivity for science and language arts or art.

We are a sight dependent species. Although there are other species, and eagle for example, who could make our quality of vision seem paltry, we rely heavily on site. Further, in this technologically miraculous age, we often have gadgets in front of our faces and or covering our ears. We forget to connect with the world around us.

One of the fundamental skills of an astute person is the ability to observe and the ability to connect seemingly random observations. Here is a simple lesson that will help kids look past seeing and practice observing the world using two other senses. The activities in my post help students make connections between themselves and the observation and between the observations themselves.

Read the whole post here: Observing Sound and Smell.

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