Today is the official launch of our newest exciting venture: Hike A Lot, LLC!

Alice and I have fired up this new non-profit company to help encourage as many people as possible to get outdoors.  From the Hike A Lot site, we will feature video and text reviews of products that help make the outdoors more enjoyable and comfortable to families.  Aside from product reviews, we’ll have destination reviews featuring different campgrounds and hiking locales.  We’ll be updating our twitter stream from various spots, to keep everyone updated on what’s going on under the Hike A Lot tent.

On the Road

We already have a few posts up, but they will be very frequent once we hit the road.  Last week, we traveled to Fort Thomas, KY and picked up a 2000 model travel trailer.  It’s a hybrid style with pop-out beds on each end.  It’s going to be the Hike A Lot Mobile Station.  :)

We are super-tickled with the new trailer as it will help us out immensely.  We have always been tent campers, but with the newborn, it would produce a whole new set of challenges (not that it’s out of the question).  The trailer will help us get a feel for various campgrounds, plus with our sponsors, we wanted a rolling billboard.  The more eyes that see our mission, the better.

We are working with a graphics company to get the camper wrapped to better display our cause and make it all purtyful.  We are either going for a full wrap or partial.

We couldn’t be more pumped about shoving off.  The trailer needs just a few things, but nothing much.  Actually got a new taillight in from Fed-Ex just now.  A few more weeks, and we should be ready to go.  GSI Outdoors  hooked us up with some great cookware, and we couldn’t be more ready to use it.

Leave No Trace, the awesome hiking ethic organization, granted us a grant (hehe) providing some PEAK (Promoting Environmental Awareness in Kids) teaching materials that will come in super handy at meet-ups.  I’m also scheduling some short classes at local schools and childcare centers to help share the Leave No Trace principles.  Really excited about that too.  (Bill Gerlach, over at The New Pursuit, did a killer post on how to implement Leave No Trace at work.  Check it out, it’s required reading!)

I realize that according to typical business model standards and such that we should have maybe developed a large following on the website before heading out and perhaps have larger traffic numbers and devoted readers before embarking on such a laborious excursion.  We’re not typical.  We want to build our relationships out there in the real, physical world.  We’ll build web readers as we go, and we’ll put a lot of work into polishing those relationships to get the most out of our journey.

We are chomping at the bit to get out and get going.  We have a lot of organizing to do and plenty of other details need to be worked out, but soon enough it will all come together.  Here’s to an amazingly fresh Spring, full of blooming relationships and explorations.  We know this will be a life changing season for our family.  I really hope you’ll join us.

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