Why we all need nature in our lives.
originally posted by Jonathan Iris-Wilbanks on the Sunflower Creative Arts blog

The wave came over the top of my head and then I was twisting, spinning, thrashing, and unable to breath. I had sand in my mouth and I was being dragged along under water. The relief of a gasping breath was tinged by the sting of salt water in my eyes. I stood up in the waist deep water as tears started to pour. When I found my sister, Puja, she asked me what happened. “I … was… and then… the wave…” I said, choking down the tears and sand.

The sudden loss of control was terrifying, and I remember it clearly although it happened 22 years ago.

I remember staring at the ocean wrapped in my towel, and for the first time I understood what it means to respect nature... [continued...]

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