Outdoor Adventures Are Best Spent With Dads

Kids make the greatest adventurers. Having said this, you may have well realized that going on an outdoor adventure would not be complete without having your kids in tow.

Don’t be surprised to find your kids leading when it comes to coming up with diverse outdoor activities you’ll enjoy yourself, particularly, during kids’ bonding time with dad. Kids turn to their dad for primary companionship when going on several exciting adventures outdoors. This is because kids know they can count on their dad to show off the latter’s fearless manliness.

Therefore, kids can almost be sure there will be almost no dull moments while getting exhaustingly dirty, as long as their dad keeps them company.

Paternal Bonding Outdoors

Photo by: Dan Carter via Flickr, Creative Commons

 A father/son or father/daughter fishing trip represents a legendary paternal bonding connection. You may have well remembered cherishing the moments when your son or daughter finally learned how to rig a line, make his/her first cast, or the look of your child’s face as he watched you make your first catch with pride. Take your camera with you to your sea trip to be able to create pictures of memories you and your child can treasure for a lifetime.

Teach An Invaluable Skill To Your Child

Building the fastest toy car with your son will intricately make your father-son relationship with him stronger, and more intact. Allow your son to build the car with you to let him learn a new and invaluable skill. Plus, your son will likely remember the days when you and he built his toy car together, instead of the days he spent playing with his toy car.

Memorable Backyard Sports

In fact, playground teaches fathers the paradoxes of playground. Get to know your child’s play interests that will be suitable for your backyard playground.

If you have a son and he’s into basketball, shoot some balls with him using your basketball playground equipment in your backyard. If you’re spending outdoors with your daughter, though, you may want to play house with her in a playground fort in your backyard.

An Adventurous Road Trip

Visit a new commercial playground out of town with your child, and enjoy hours of road trip bonding with each other. Going on a long trip with your child by car enables the two of you to have a lengthy, good quality time talking and connecting with each other. Have your child leave his gadgets at home; otherwise, expect him to block every single thing you’d say during the entire trip.

Don’t neglect to engage interactively with your child when playing once you arrive at the playground. There is a great deal of  benefits of playground interaction for parents and kids you and your child will recognize instantly, right after play time starts.

Hot Air Balloon Next Level Adventure

Photo by: Paladin27 via Flickr, Creative Commons

 Change the way kids play by taking your child to a heightened adventure on a hot air balloon ride. Take your child’s fear of heights away by motivating them to appreciate the scenic views from the sky above. Provide emotional support to your child so as to help them quickly feel at ease going on this adventure.

Have Fun Getting Soaked

Encourage your child not to be afraid to get wet. Host a competition in your backyard to find out who’s the quickest, when it comes to filling in the kiddie pool full with water.

A Close Gaze At The Stars

Photo by: enjoiskate8 via Flickr, Creative Commons

 Lay on your pickup truck with your child, with the two of you focusing your gaze on the stars. Motivate your child to learn more about science by engaging in storytelling about the star’s origins.

 Start A Rock Collection

Collect rocks with your child in your backyard, and start a small retail business selling these rocks. Let your child broaden his knowledge about the world’s natural resources, while at the same time, teaching him the value of money at an early age.

Feed your kids with different playing experiences so as to positively contribute to their continuous emotional and social development. Several outdoor activities may be tweaked to accommodate various playing experiences that suit father/son or father/daughter customized needs and desires. Feel free to suggest outdoor activities to your child that you think he/she may like. But don’t fail to take into consideration his/her interests and preferences as well, when planning your upcoming outdoor activities.


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